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  • When life gives you Lemons, trade them for Coffee!
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  • After years of self-discipline and sword training, you were the youngest adventurer to ever join the Slayers Guild! The strongest guild in the kingdom! As a novice adventurer, D-rank, your job was to eliminate the Goblins harassing the nearby villages. It may seem as a trivial job, but careful! Many died on their first mission mostly due to underestimating their targets, especially goblins.

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Demon Slayer

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  • After months of dealing with only goblins, it was time for your promotion exam! After getting used to the wildness and the nasty creatures, you and 4 other adventures were assigned the task of eliminating a demon spotted roaming in the neighborhoods.
    Tracking down the Demon, you found yourselves in front of an underground cave. A few seconds later, hearing a deafening roar, the demon appeared in front of you.
    After a long struggle, you finally managed to take down the beast. Hooray! You are finally promoted to C-rank! Demon Slayer!

  • Slayer-San: Read up to 13 Chapters ahead of the Free Release!
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Welcome Slayer-San!

Hey, I'm Otaku_slayer, the translator of the Novel: Pirate's Achievements System

I'm so excited that you've found my Patreon page and are interested in joining my little community of light-novel Slayers!
As my Patreon, you will get access to extra Chapters additional to the regular one to be released weekly. I hope you will enjoy my translation and I would really appreciate your support and of course your feedback to improve my content! Peaceeeeeee!

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  • 1 chapter release! (besides the scheduled releases)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 184 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 184 exclusive posts

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