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One for All!
$1 or more per month 58 patrons
 Thank you for your support! Even the smallest can be the greatest! Like Damian! You'll get these perks!

- Vote for characters that'll appear on upcoming comic strips

- 2x bonus fluff comic strips every month!

- An invitation to OTA-verse discord server where all exclusive comic strips are posted

Includes Discord rewards
Three's a party!
$3 or more per month 13 patrons
You'll get these with this pledge tier

- See random sketches that may not be DC-related!

- Previous Rewards!

Includes Discord rewards
Kawaii Five-0!
$5 or more per month 18 patrons
This is the perk that you'd want fam

- A Simple desktop background or phone background every month!

- Previous Rewards!

Includes Discord rewards
No pun inTENded!
$10 or more per month 48 patrons

For those hardcore fams that goes above and beyond in everything, you'll get these

- A super fluff comic once a month and/or other Super Sons art I do! (Do not pledge if you're not okay with nudity)

 (Please join the Discord Server to get access to your reward!)

- Previous Rewards!

Includes Discord rewards
Fifteen Fireworks!
$15 or more per month 3 patrons (sold out!)
A legend! Please accept thy humble offering

- Every 3 months, you can request a full colored art! (No NSFW, or Mecha)

-Previous Rewards!

Includes Discord rewards