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$1? Every dollar counts! The Ottoman civilization used to anchor 'Sadaka Taşı' (Charity stones) all throughout the state, which would serve to help those in need. Richer members of society would place funds into the enclave of the charity stone, and people who were in need of assistance would make use of these funds by picking them up in a very private manner, usually at night. In this way, the confidentiality and dignity of both sides would remain intact. Your $1 can help spread our projects immensely.
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We are a group of history enthusiasts that have created and maintain the Ottoman Imperial Archives ( page. Having a total following of over 500,000 followers, we fully understand the significance of, and legacy that the Ottoman Empire has left behind in the world.

We are dedicated to the full comprehension of every aspect of the former Ottoman Empire. With this emphasis in mind, the main objective of our network is to facilitate academic and intellectual discussions, conferences, and events that reflects upon the vast legacy that the Ottoman Empire had left behind on the rest of the international mainstream. Throughout the seven hundred years that had defined the Ottoman Empire’s dynamic and turbulent history, its territorial boundaries encompassed Middle Eastern, Central Asian, Balkan European, North African, and the Black and Caspian Sea regions.

Our fundamental intent is to consolidate a non-aligned and informed ideological thesis that states the genuine Ottoman historical legacy of its civilization before the rest of the world.

In this vein, it is important to remember that delving into the towering academic and pictorial history of the Ottoman Empire is not an easy task. Our aim is to tackle this responsibility through a multi-pronged approach, including focusing on the following initiatives:

  • Sharing pictorial images from our database of 70,000+ images about the Empire's past
  • Unearthing and sharing lost documents from various parts of the world
  • Maintaining subscriptions to a variety of museum and governmental databases to share rich resources with the rest of humanity
  • Producing educational videos
  • Writing research articles
  • Distributing real video footage from the Ottoman Empire
  • Sharing Fermans (Imperial Edicts) of the Sultans and translating their text into English
  • Translating defunct Ottoman Turkish documents to English and modern Turkish
  • Making original pieces of Ottoman artwork

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$1500 per month will allow the Ottoman Imperial Archives team the flexibility to write more academic articles, create more videos, purchase more premium subscriptions to museums and government databases, and unearth and freely disseminate more rare pictures from the Ottoman era: 1300's to the early 1920's. 
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