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About Scott Bachmann

Your donations help make this comic that you love possible. Most indy creators are artists or teamed with an artist. I'm a writer. So I pay my artists to create the art for the comic out of my own pocket. I still do all the layout, lettering, publishing, marketing, distribution, etc. - but I know it's the art that makes a comic special. So I make sure to take care of my artists and treat them with respect. I pay them a wage competitive with professional comic companies and you can see the result. My comic can stand side by side with the big companies in quality. But despite all of my hard work promoting at cons, stores, and online, I lose money on every page. I still do it because I love it, but one day I'll have to cut back or stop because -hey- money. I've already scaled back to one comic from two, and even though I have plans for five, they remain on hold. Your donations, your reviews and praise, your championing of my work is what's keeping the lights on. The more you can help me, the more I can, and will, create for you. You can also visit and buy hard copies of the books or some of my other non comic work. That helps too. So does spreading the word. You think all ages comics about real people, functional families, settings in the midwest, and women with real bodies are things that should exist in comics? (And I know from conventions that you do) Then please, help out. Thanks.
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I could write 5 comics a month, but as you can see, I'm having trouble keeping 1 going. I have so many ideas. Some All ages, some not. For example, I'd love to see Liza as Paragon ALL THE TIME. Huge super action. I've got a stack of crazy ideas that would fit into this world that may never be seen, or may be turned into novels. Novels are great, but wouldn't you rather see the PRETTY PRETTY PICTURES?
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