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See new monthly scenes/episode!
For patrons of $3 or more, you will get to see new scenes every month. Sometimes the scenes are the complete episode, and sometimes they're just part of a greater episode. Either way, this is the easiest way to become a Champion of Out With Dad to see new episodes.
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Download a PDF of the shooting script, and see early drafts of the episode.
In addition to all the previous perks, you can download a PDF of the shooting script, and Jason will upload rough-cuts of scenes as soon as they're assembled (sometimes with a video introduction). These drafts aren't the final cut, and likely haven't been colour corrected or sound mixed, and visual effects may be missing or very rough. You'll also be invited to join live streams with Jason while he's editing.
We'll also include your name in the end credits. (Your name in the credits is optional, you may opt-out)
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Join Our Monthly Live Recording!
In addition to all the previous perks, you can join Jason and a member of the cast* as they record a commentary of an old episode LIVE with Google Hangouts On Air. Each month, we'll watch an old episode of Out With Dad as we share insights, stories and reminisce about the making of that episode. These recordings will later be edited then released to the public (like this one), about a week later. Only patrons of this level may participate and watch as we record these live, when we may share exclusive info! 
Generally, these live recordings occur on the last Thursday of every month, the time of day will vary to try to accommodate fans in different timezones. 
This is in addition to all the other perks. (Your name in the credits is optional, you may opt-out)
*note: Our cast is really busy! That means, sometimes Jason will have to do it on his own. 




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About Jason Leaver

Upon filming our final block of episodes, which we call Season 5, it was decided these would be our final five episodes. We consider this ending a great triumph, because we were able to bring the story and our characters to a conclusion we feel is deserved.

We thank The Champions of Out With Dad for making this possible. These are the gracious fans are those who have supported this show on a monthly basis using Patreon, or you are one of our translators, our volunteers, cast, crew, or friends and family of the production. It is thanks to the support of so many wonderful human beings from around the globe over past eight years, that we have been able to produce 82 episodes totalling over 11¼ hours of digital motion picture and sound.

$2,030 of $5,000 per month
Until we reach this goal, only the Champions of Out With Dad will get to see new scenes of Out With Dad. We'll return to publishing episodes publicly on YouTube and Dailymotion once we reach this goal. With this level of funding, we will be able to pay our cast and crew closer to industry standard wages.
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