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About Outer Space International

Greetings Outer Space Patrons and Patrons-to-be,

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are the creative collective and distribution network called Outer Space International. Founded by Artist, Producer, and TV Host Mr. Lobo and Artist, Producer Dixie Dellamorto after many disappointing deals with other outlets and seeing the growing need for focused promotion and support for off-beat independent productions in our community.  We are working with over 17 Producers discussing production schedules, pooling resources, developing projects, marketing, and how to best distribute our content.

See Our Website: OSI74.com or
our Collective HQ http://www.OuterSpaceInternational.com

Most of the content providers, production crew, and creators are lifelong artists we have worked with and befriended over the years.

We have been working together to maximize efficiency for this new collaborative venture to hopefully make all of our projects stronger by building a larger audience, cross promoting, and using the platform to advertise our own work and partner with sponsors who understand our work and our audience.

OSI never owns anyone's work and allows contributors to hold on to the rights to their own work and monetize their own work in as many ways as possible.

We need your support to help us create an entirely new way of providing you weird fun and wildly creative entertainment. There are mounting monthly costs and we are running this network virtually out of pocket. Thank You for supporting our work in the past and going forward into THE FUTURE!

With your help...We are about to embark on a very strange journey indeed.

All Systems Go,
Mr. Lobo and Dixie Dellamorto
Outer Space International 

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We are looking for a few good cadets! 74 patrons is our first milestone! Thank you for being a part of the OSI Seventy-Force Super-Core! All Systems Go!
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