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About OverFlo207

Hi there, I'm Flo!
I'm an ABDL artist that really loves to draw poofy, clean and messy diapers...but I will also draw muscular characters and inflation too, and sometimes even all together. Anything you want, from furries to human, to even robots. All CHARACTERS IN THIS PATREON ARE ADULTS so keep that in mind when you make a drawing request, thanks. I do not do private requests. All finished art will be posted publicly, two weeks after completion to all my sites. Only after I post it publicly, then you may also repost your request anywhere, if you wish. I will credit you in your drawing requests. Let me know if you wish to remain anonymous. I have quite a lot of drawing requests on my list that I'm working on, and I will draw all of them eventually, it just takes time, and I won't be able to draw your request every month, but just know that I work day and night to get as many done each month, and that your request will remain on my list until it is drawn.    

If you're thinking about supporting and making art requests for the $5 or $10 Tier, it would be best to join on the 1st, or within the first 2 weeks of the month. If you wish to support the $12 Video Game Tier, I start on the 15th of each month.  

$1 Tier Donations
You will get to see all my finished art, and participate in the voting polls that help me decide which of my waifus to draw for the month ^o^
$5 Tier Request Rules
Please send me your character requests, whether they be from games or animes or even OCs (Your OCs only!) use DM/Private Notes and I will add it into my monthly cycle. Give me reference links, and feel free to make more than 1 request monthly, I know its hard to pick just one good idea ^^ The longer you support, the more you help me improve what I do. Your request will remain on my list, until it is drawn, and I will draw from the 1st to the 15th of each month.

$10 Ti
er Request Rules
Same as $5 Tier, except now you can make 2-Character sketch requests instead of single character requests. Though if you still desire a single character sketch, I will add simple colors and shading to it.

$12 Tier Rules 
From the 15th to the end of each month, I will begin making 3d models, concept art or even animations. All work-in-progress assets and voting polls will be exclusive to this tier only. The goal is to make 3d game-ready models and assets, with an abdl theme and demo them in a game engine to showcase their functionality. Finished artworks and projects will be made accessible to all other tiers. I will make concept sketches (variations of outfits, weapons, NPCs, diapers, levels) and you'll get to vote on your favorite concept sketch, and I will finish it up into a model/illustration, whatever its intended to be.  
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Donate to Pup (Thankies)
per month

Every little bit helps restore my faith in humanity and charity. I love you all.

 -Early Access to all finished art and renders before posting to DeviantArt and Fur Affinity  

-You get to take part in the monthly waifu poll vote 

Single Character Sketch Requests ^^
per month

You get to make Single Character drawing requests. 

Message me your ideas. (OCs or Fanart characters) 

I will draw as many as I can from the 1st to the 15th of the month. 

 -Early Access to all finished art and renders before posting to DeviantArt and Fur Affinity 

 -You get to take part in the monthly waifu poll vote 

2-Character Sketch Request
per month

You can a make 2-character sketch request, or I will add simple coloring to any single character request that you make. 


-Early Access to all finished art and renders before posting to DeviantArt and Fur Affinity 

-You get to take part in the monthly waifu poll vote 

$323 of $500 per month
Proper Equipment
This will give me the finances I need to buy comfortable furniture T/////n////T My booty is soo sore after a long days work. Tools, like an ergonomic keyboard, a proper drawing tablet, or some hard drives, in case my computer ever crashes. These and other helpful items, will surely make my life easier and allow me to draw for longer hours, and stay comfortable.  
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