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About Owen Macdonald

Hello! I'm Owen Macdonald, a socialist, feminist, and political activist.

I make amateur YouTube videos, as well as regularly post on twitter, about a plethora of political and social issues, including capitalism, current affairs, social movements and more. In addition to this I hold YouTube streams featuring live analysis of articles and written content, debates with people of varying right wing ideologies and opinions, and discussions with similarly minded left leaning folk. I've always been a politically minded person, and given the vast activities and events occurring globally it has become important for me to use my own voice to contribute to the discussion, and use the platform I have to make a positive change.

The fact you've read this far is heart-warming, and means the world to me! And what would be an even greater gift is if you could support me financially too; I'm a higher education student going through difficult financial and emotional situations at the moment and even the slightest support from someone that appreciates and enjoys my content would be incredible.

Here's an example of the kind of video I produce on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Syr8ZrSfmnY . My twitter is frequently active, and though sporadic I do stream video games which can be found archived on my YouTube channel

Again, if you're reading this now I can't thank you enough, and if you choose to support me it would make my day!

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