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As a Pleb living in the Neronian age, you want to be fashionable before it’s even announced cool... at a low cost.

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Young Globetrotter
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As fresh as a baby’s fart, you want to explore the vast unknown and meet new cultures. Just look where you’re going! 

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About Ask

Hi there !!
I'm Askya, also known as Owl_Ask on the webs; a classical archaeology student, who draws comics and illustrations in their free time. You might have seen Nero in da Domus and Mistika, both of which I've written and drawn. 
"Well Ask" you might... ask. "Why did you set up a Patreon, if your webcomics are FREE to read on Tumblr??" Before I start, my comics are and will always be free to read. I mainly set up a Patreon for readers to directly support me in my comic/art-making, while getting exclusive extra content! All my works are done in my limited free time, which as a master student with three part-time jobs, ends up being not much time at all. Supporting me out financially would help me focus more on my comic projects and even be able to make merchandise one day such as stickers. 

Here's a quick Overview on what's currently being offered 
Everybody gets access to my newsletter Owl_Ask News, which will be a summary of what is coming up, general news and what projects are currently ongoing.
Patrons of the following Tiers will also get the following:

Neronian Plebian - 1$ Tier 
  • Early access to all my comics (NidD, Mistika, Autobio-comics, other random comics)
  • Access to Ask Doodles, a sort of sketch diary of my non-comic related works 
Young Globetrotter - 2$ Tier 
  • Rewards from the previous Tier
  • The Making of special contents - access Thumbnails, sketches and videos of the current posting chapters/strips
  • Unlock the Comic Magic - see me develop stories in terms of concept sketches, character designs, messing with ideas and world building.   

Interested? Then click the Pledge Button today and be part of this Journey!!
If you can't pledge for any reason, please don't feel bad. There are other lovely ways to support me and my work. You can always share my comics via links, leave comments & likes and/or follow me on my social sites

Thank you for taking time to read this and have a nice day <3 
$1 of $30 per month
Once I'll reach 30$ per month, I'll be able to create my own website, where all my webcomics, drawings and thoughts are gathered in one set domain. :D
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