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We couldn't get off the ground without you. Just please avoid the porta-loos on launch day (sorry, Matt!). 


What we have for you…

  • The classic Oz 9 sticker mailed directly to you when you sign up
  • Your name on our “thank you, patrons; we’ll try not to blow you up” page on our website
  • A chance to participate in “patrons-only” surveys about the show or merch
  • Other stuff as we think of it
Space Cadets
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Your ability to refuel us mid-flight without spilling a drop of Colin's martini is spectacular. 


What we have for you…

  • Everything from the Ground Crew level


  • A mention in the credits of an episode 
  • A set of stickers of the original 7 characters (Joe, Leet, Colin, Madeline, Jessie, Olivia, Narrator)


  • Other stuff as we think of it
Space Monkeys
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Well, now you've done it. You've actually committed to the journey and come on board the Oz 9. I hope you know what you're doing.

No, really, I hope you know what you're doing because none of this idiot crew does, and I could use the help. 


What we have for you…

  • Everything from the Ground Crew level
  • Everything from the Space Cadets level


  • An mp3 from your character of choice, suitable for use as a ring tone or voice mail message
  • Early access to announcements, special features, in-person events, new merch, that kind of stuff


  • Other stuff as we think of it




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On a random Tuesday in 2142, 400 Oz ships, carrying a cargo of 50,000 sleeping rich people each, were launched from Earth. On a mission to seek out, terraform, and probably rudely exploit any planet they stumble upon, the Oz ships were a great way to get rid of not only some very rich idiots but also their crews of petty thieves and thugs. This is the story of one such ship, the Oz 9, where the pods have already started going dark. And it's only Wednesday.

We'd love for you to join us, especially if you have any engineering skills or know how to operate a microwave. Oh, and if you can fight. Also read manuals. Fix robots. Make sausages.

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