OzPodcasts is creating Australian podcasting opportunities

$1 /mo
Access to exclusive content from the OzPodcasts network (network.ozpodcasts.com.au) and a simple thank you on social networks.

$5 /mo
All of the above, plus you will be personally thanked and praised in OzPodcasts network content.

$10 /mo
All of the above, plus you will receive an OzPodcasts T-shirt of your choice. (from http://www.redbubble.com/people/ozpodcasts/shop)

$50 /mo
T-shirt, sticker pack, OzPodcasts mentions plus you get to feature your favourite Australian podcast across our social media channels.

You pick the podcast (or if you have your own then cho...

$100 /mo
Same as above, but we won't forget about you afterwards, we'll keep pimping you and your stuff for weeks. Honestly, if you're generous enough to pledge this much, you can pretty much have your way ...