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About Palmify

Our Goal is to create an EDM community. Where everyone is an actor in promoting new music and cool playlists.

How it works?

Simply become a patron today.
Submit your music here with a Direct Message. (DM)
We'll take time to listen to all submissions.

What happens next?

Two things can happen.
-Your song gets playlisted, we usually let you know via DM but if we forget, check out your Spotify for artist dashboard for any updates on your playlist placements. 


-Your track is rejected.

If your track is not selected, it can mean a few things:
- The production quality is not quite there yet
- Our curators did not believe it could fit their playlist(s)
- Our curators have no spot in their playlist(s) for the time being

Keep in mind curating a playlist is a lot of work.

We will also bring in new curators from the community and help them grow their playlists to grow an ever bigger audience!

Much love,
PALMIFY editorial team

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