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About PCGamingWiki

PCGamingWiki’s goal is to fix PC gaming. Did you ever have a game that just wouldn’t run? Spent days looking for fixes, only to find abandoned forum posts, with nothing more than “nevermind, fixed it”? Our aim is to make that a thing of the past.

Check out our video which explains what we do:

"Step in the PCGamingWiki, which aims to make the biggest collection of PC tweaks, tips, and hardware guides on the Internet."Alasdair Duncan, Destructoid 

"If they manage it, this could be one of the internet’s greatest resources."Jim Rossignol, Rock Paper Shotgun

What Will Funding Provide?

Day 1 Fixes
PC gamers need information about fixes for games right from Day 1 of release - when they have the most problems. It's difficult for a website as small as ours to get review codes, so it would really help to buy brand new games and put them into the hands of our most dedicated editors. More funding means more games, which means more up-to-date articles from the first day of release.
  • We’ve provided more than 300 review codes to our contributors to keep articles up-to-date - check out the full list.

PC Reports
We've pioneered the concept of PC and Port Reports, a series of in-depth articles not about story or gameplay, but exclusively about settings, performance and bugs of newly released games. These articles take a long time to write (often over 20 hours each) and people are beginning to take notice of our work, see:  SlashdotGaming on LinuxTotalBiscuit.

What's a PC Report? Check out some examples:

At the heart of PCGamingWiki is our community. We want to acknowledge and reward the hard work of our biggest contributors, some of whom spend thousands of hours slaving away doing everything such as keeping our server up and running, writing and fixing wiki articles, benchmarking and testing games and developing our complex Semantic MediaWiki templates. Since our 2 year birthday in 2014, we’ve started giving away Steam gift cards too. We'd love to be able to do this more often to show our thanks for all the hard work being done on our website.
  • Help reward our fully volunteer administrator and moderator team members.
  • We want to do giveaways throughout the year, not just on our birthday.

We don’t like ads, but as a free resources website, we have to display them to pay for hosting fees and to develop projects we want to offer to our community (PC Reports, Day 1 articles, giveaways). Advertising is becoming less and less viable as more and more people use ad blockers, and in any case, we'd love to reduce our reliance on ads as a form of income.

Currently we reward our contributors by not showing ads: if you log into your PCGamingWiki account, all ads are hidden automatically. And as our Patreon goals are met, we’ll decrease reliance on our ads, starting with the most annoying ones that mess with article layout.
  • Patreon donations will go towards removing our most annoying and intrusive ads.

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