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Hello! My name is Peter Leonard and I go under the moniker of "PJL Books".

PJL Books is all about the best stories. Fictional or factual, my own or from others. I love the craft of quality storytelling, so at "PJL Books" not only do I put famous movies, books and TV shows under the microscope and examine why they work (or not), I also build my own stories and share them. I even find stories from my daily life in Japan, which I've called home since 2010!

Although I've enjoyed writing fiction since I was 9 (when I was apparently famed for my avant-garde poetry!), I've been writing seriously since 2007, and have so far self-published three full-length novels:
  • Tick (a Kickstarter campaign success)
  • Kami (inspired by my first two years of life in Japan and my experience of the Sendai Earthquake)
  • Sarah Sues Santa (a free e-book that has been downloaded over 500 times).
My hope is simple: to share great stories with as many people as possible and share with others in the creative process. To make a living off of doing so would be the ultimate dream come true (and free me up to write and share even more!)

But I need your help. I live very happily with my wife and office job on the edge of Tokyo, but the sheer distance from my native UK means that the already high barrier-to-entry for finding a literary agent or publisher is just that little bit higher. They are, understandably, reluctant to take on an author who lives thousands of miles away from their own offices or the market that they publish in. I already have an established presence online, with...
...but this only goes so far.

And while working in Japan is a daily adventure (many stories to tell there!), the business culture here is infamous for how demanding it can be, and it puts the squeeze on my writing time. The time  get to do most of my writing these days is on the packed commuter trains heading in and out of Tokyo every day. I get by, but I want to do much, much more.

So my aims are twofold.
First, I wish to build my community and credentials via Patreon to make myself a more attractive proposition to agents and publishers. The more people who pledge their support to PJL Books, the stronger it makes my position.

The second aim depends on the first. If we do well, I aim to secure a literary agent after the milestone of $500 dollars (or with a community backing of over 100 Patrons, whichever comes first). Or, if we do very well, we could forgo traditional publishing altogether and PJL Books will exist as an independent entity, where I self-publish everything and I can rely on the income of Patrons to support me as well as put it back into the Patreon and writing community.

In any case, I will be indebted to each and every person who supports me on every step of this journey. Just your presence as a Patron is vital: the higher that number of Patrons climbs the better my chances become in any circumstance. I pledge back to all my Patrons to make it worth their while in return. I have a mountain of ideas that I desperately want to commit the time and effort to, and I can't wait to get to that point. With your help, we can do it!

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When this goal is reached, I will create a very special thank you video for all of my Patrons!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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