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About PKSparkxx

Being a content creator on Youtube is inspiring in itself. Creating new and fresh ideas and bringing those ideas to life for you, the viewer, to watch and hopefully enjoy is a task with endless amounts of joy to do. I always push myself to create the pinnacle of gaming related content on Youtube, and I am now ready for a huge leap.

On September 20th, 2015, with the help of @TheBritishSonic, I released my first animation project and people LOVED it! THIS is the type of content I want to move forward to. Give new dimension of my Let's Plays on Youtube. Create new scenes were you can see your favorite Youtubers in various situations and in a whole new light. And with your help, we can move forward beyond a 20 second animation. Maybe one day, even hit 30 seconds!

In all seriousness, I would LOVE your help and extra push towards bringing the #PKPlanet and beyond new, innovative, exciting and, above all else, fun content to share with the world of Youtube! And together, I know we can raise the bar for ourselves and prove we have no limits when we follow our dreams.

Rewards will improve with more patreons and progress with the channel! 
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Exclusive alerts on upcoming projects and events that you can take part in!
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Access to a Discord Group where I'll hang out at, preview upcoming projects and even take suggestions on how to improve it. (Plus all rewards listed below)
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Take part in monthly "PK Power" Livestream Events (Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, Smash Wii U, etc) on the Twitch channel and get your name on an "end credits" segment @ the end of videos!
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If you just want to donate to help out, as all support is appreciated :) Thank you so much! (Plus all rewards listed below)
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If the goal is met, I can guarantee more animations at least once a month, an improvement in video and livestream quality (green screen, sound quality, etc), more events to host, skits written and performed by me and whatever else we can come up with! And with more patreons, I can improve the rewards for those who do directly support the content!
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