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is creating World Peace & Paradise Earth as The Greatest Agreement

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144,000 Earth Angels

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- World Peace
- Standing as one of the honorable few who could see the Truth as self-Evident, to the minimal extent of conviction.

 - Your name in the Akashic Honorarium and in woven in tapestries on Eco-Community Palace Walls. ;)

- Instant Enlightenment and Immortality :)

- Recognizing yourself as one of the 144,000 Angel Philanthropists who felt the truth and put their money where their heart is.

For $1 per month, you Activate your Equal Shares in the Earth Cooperative.

A Sticker Pack with various words and phrases like:
- Angelion - Did you say Yes? to the Greatest Agreement?
- The Earth Cooperative - It's Your Company
- We Did It
- Its Done
- And You Were Right All Along


The truth is, everything can actually be done with zero money.  And, everything helps!

- Imagine 144,000 Angel Philanthropists each agreeing to donating a single, monthly, tax-deductible Dollar towards insuring that a planetary peer review transpires, for validating the truth of this World Peace Declaration.

Three Phase Funding Distribution Model:
- 33.33% of all funding will go towards providing free, organic fruit to everyone who is hungry in the local community.

- 33.33% of funding will go towards providing free, organic fruit to everyone who is hungry in another community, locally and internationally.
- 33.33% will go towards the perpetuation of this campaign, which includes weekly World Peace Disclosure Summits at the University of Lethbridge, Southminister United Church, Lethbridge City Hall, and any other venue which is interested in hosting World Peace Disclosure and sharing the good news.

All local academic, political, religious and activist leaders will be invited to the peer review immediately, and have their testimonies publicized through all mediums of communication

Imagine a monthly $144,000/month, going towards an international campaign declaring the existence of a Scientifically irrefutable Push Button World Peace Formula in the form of The Greatest Agreement.   <3

Patron of Peace <Level 1>

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reward item
per month
  • Listing on the Angelion Honorarium
  • Consideration for Peer Review Participation
  • Patron-only Surveys    



One Organic Hemp Shirt:

- Printed using powdered crystal, organic paint.  
- To be potentially delivered by around Jan 1st, 2019, or much much sooner. ;)

Front side: "Angelion" Back side - "Did you say Yes? to the Greatest Agreement?"   or Front side - "The Earth Cooperative"  Back side - "It's Your Company"   

Patron of Peace <Level 2>

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reward item
per month
  • Listing on the Angelion Honorarium
  • Consideration for Peer Review Participation
  • One Priority Questions per month to the Wisdom Council
  • Patron-only Surveys
  • Includes 2 entrance passes per year, to a 7 day, all inclusive World Peace Disclosure Summit and Transformational Festival. (Each pass is valued at $333 and is only available for those who have completed the main Angelion survey.)


Two Organic Hemp Shirt:

- Printed using powdered crystal, organic paint.    
- To be potentially delivered by around Jan 1st, 2019, or much much sooner. ;)  

Front side: "Angelion" Back side - "Did you say Yes? to the Greatest Agreement?"   or Front side - "The Earth Cooperative"  Back side - "It's Your Company"   




per month

About The World Wisdom Council

Dear Friends & Family, Brothers & Sisters, People of Earth,

It is with honor and gratitude that we share with you some of the Greatest News which we can imagine sharing.  A Scientifically Irrefutable, Push Button World Peace Formula has been discovered, and it is in the form of the Single Greatest Yes or No Agreement, which all those who are for peace, could and would obviously agree on.  The implications are infinite.

The same process required for Peer Reviewing and Validating this declaration, is the same with the process required for inviting all of the worlds Heart & Thought Leaders to each nominate and then explore the implications of Humanity's most Voted Up agreements.

This means, that by uniting all of the worlds Heart & Thought Leaders, we inevitably illuminate what the wisest people on earth would consider to be the single greatest question which humanity could and would say Yes to, for achieving World Peace.  Humanity's Greatest Agreement.  One Unanimous Yes.

Would you like to see One Billion Humanitarians agree to explore what the greatest solution is, which all One Billion of us would agree to invest $1/year towards, in the name of feeding as many children as possible, with the greatest speed and grace?
Imagine what the first 365 solutions would be, which 1 billion people would love to see one billion dollars directed towards.  If only to create Art, this social experiment would lead to actualizing some of our wildest imaginations.

By becoming a Patron, you support the campaign which ensures that all of the Worlds Heart & Thought Leaders are Invited to Unite around the formation of a database, highlighting all of the Worlds Greatest Solutions which Humanity is Uniting around.

Our main primary intention is to illuminate the greatest, first, and fewest Yes or No Agreements, which could and would begin/initiate/catalyze and perpetuate the Process of Humanity's Unification, so as to ensure that all people have an abundant access to all of their basic needs.

The Execution Strategy:

We envision a single Consensus Reality Survey, inviting everyone to answer about 15 minutes worth of questions, along with an Online Voting Database and App, which showcases Humanity's Responses, including the Highlight Reel of Humanity's most voted up Questions & Agreements.

This Consensus Reality Survey, which is being called "Angelion", will be a Petition like Template which will be launched simultaneously from every local community in the world, beginning online, and in every major capital city. 

With a Budget of $144,000, a team of 12-36 visionaries will unite at the First World Peace Headquarters in Greece, on the island of Crete, where we will develop this template during the next 3 months.   This will be done with complete transparency and open collaboration, involving all supporters, collaborators, and interested parties.

By the end of this 3 months, we will have a campaign template which can be leveraged for uniting 1000 people in every country, who will support this campaign at $1/day, thus financing a team of 36 visionaries in every country, forming the World Wisdom Council Design Team. 
Dealing with only a short 4 month, "commercially packaged" tourist season, this small fishing village in Crete represents the ideal town to undergo a metamorphosis, and pioneer the Unification of Humanity, and new World Wide, Cooperative, Eco-Tourism Industry.

The Eco-Community, Peace Palace of Eden Template will represent the ideal collaborative space of what the World Peace Headquarters will look like, while showcasing each regions greatest solutions.

$22.58 of $5,000 per month
First Month a Campaign Goals:
Achieving this budget essentially achieves all goals, as it brings the fundamental components required for insuring that the 2 core goals described below are achieved. This budget acts as the first domino in a series of domino's, each increasing in size.  (See Video)

  1. To successfully invite every single citizen of Lethbridge to respond to the greatest agreement. This will be done by creating a "Local Campaign Template", which will then be used to unite every community.  See the as a 1st draft "Petition".
  2. To finance a part time team for assistance in event coordination, local outreach and campaign development.
  3. To unite the following number of Philanthropists agreeing to finance the continuation of this campaign until all Lethbridge, Albertan and then Canadian citizens have been invited to respond to it.
Will you agree to financially support this campaign the moment any and or all of the following phases of unity are achieved? (Achieving Phase A achieves B achieves C etc...)

A) 10 People each agreeing to finance the continuation of this campaign at $100/person.
B) 100 X $500/person
C) 1,000 X $5/person/month
D) 5,000 X $1/person/month
E) 5,000 X $1/person/week
F) 5,000 X $1/person/day

This budget will be used towards:
  • 10% of all money raised will always go towards immediately planting in and outdoor fruit forrest's, community gardens in public spaces; as well as feeding, clothing, sheltering and educating Children everywhere.  This will be done only through unanimously agreed upon initiatives via the World Wisdom Council of Local Youth, Elders, Women and Men.
  • Perpetuating this campaigns development and the coordination of monthly, weekly and daily World Peace Disclosure Broadcasts and Summits, for insuring the unification of 5,000 Angel Philanthropists who perceive at least $1/month and then "per day" worth of value in this Peace Campaign.
  • Covering Michael's basic living expenses of food and rent.
    (Michael is the core founder of World Peace Disclosure and the Peace Legacy Institute).

    (All funds above this goal will be distributed through the transparent delegation and wise council of the currently forming World Wisdom Council of Lethbridge, which will soon be a Local and Global Legal Entity.
    Depending on what the community decides is wisest, this may end up looking like a 501c3, a Planetary Trust or a 508c1 church status.  As these move forward, a highly comprehensive picture will be painted for all to clearly understand, in the form of an Earth Cooperative.
  • For a more in depth look at the full scope of the organization structure we envision, you may visit The Future Now.
  • Purchasing equipment for creating a high quality production studio, so as to broadcast live-stream World Peace Disclosure in the form of discourse, guest speakers, interviews and round table dialogues for the Peace Formula's open and public peer review process.
  • Hosting mini-events at this Living Space a few meters walking distance away from the main hall which the Large Scale Summits will be hosted from.
    2017 Toronto World Peace Disclosure Summit
  • Uniting the Local Wisdom Council and identifying a core Campaign and Event Coordination team.
  • Personally inviting all local Investigative Journalists, Families of Wealth, and Academic, Political, Religious, First Nations and Activist Leaders to:
    • Participate in the Peer Review Process for illuminating the truth of whether or not a Scientifically Irrefutable Push Button World Peace Formula in the form of the Greatest Agreement has in fact been Realized:
    • Sign the Peace Petition.
    • Say YES to the "Greatest Agreement".
    • Responded to the "Simplicity" version of Angelion.
      • Simply Humanity's Greatest Local and Planetary Consensus Reality Survey.
    • Agree on investing around 3 hours in responding to Angelion 2.0 upon its completion. 
    • Nominate their top three greatest agreements which they would like to see considered for inclusion in Angelion 2.0.
    • Write a 555 word testimonial and or campaign endorsement as a major peer review engagement protocol for presenting their perceived implications of Local and Planetary Unity around the Greatest Agreements which they have nominated, and 555 words regarding the perceived implications of unity around the agreements which have already been identified, and why.  These agreements are described as the Mission Dependent Agreements for Achieving World Peace which can all be found Here, in simple format, and Here, in detailed format.
    • Present their Three Nominated Agreements and their implications at the Summit as key note speakers.
    • Invite a minimum of 3 of their most intelligent friends, family members or associates who will also do the same.
  • Local and international travel to present the Greatest News at various World Peace related Summits, Conferences and Conscious Festivals around the world.

Super Goals:

  • To Unite 1000 Angel Philanthropists who have each seen enough value in this project for agreeing to finance it at $144/month.
    • This will insure that this entire campaign template is completed within a month or two, and is available to be launched in multiple languages, through multiple on the ground teams, in multiple major capital cities around the world.
  • To Unite 1000 Angel Philanthropists in 12 major countries (12,000 people) who have each seen enough value in this project for agreeing to finance it at $144/month.
    • This will insure that the campaign template is launched in multiple cities simultaneously from very early on.
  • To Unite 144,000 Angel Philanthropists around the World who have each seen enough value in this project so as to invest at least $1/month towards covering the budget of the next three official benchmarks.
  • To Unite 1000 Angel Philanthropists who have each seen enough value in this project for agreeing to finance a large scale jump start with a one time gift of $1000.
    • This will insure that all goals listed as the Design Summits are achieved this year, and all of Humanity is personally informed of the Greatest News, and has been invited to participate.
  • Receiving an official response from at least 12 Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. 
  • To be nominated and receive a Nobel Peace Prize
  • To collaborate with such organizations as the United Nation, all Multi-national Unions, and organizations such as the Giving Pledge, the Nexus Global Youth Summit, AdBusters, the Singularity University, Participant Media, the Skoll Center for Social Entrepreneurship, the Bucky Fuller Institute, Giving Back Fund, The Elders, and essentially all World Peace related people and organizations.
  • To Present World Peace Disclosure/Declare World Peace at the United Nations General Assembly and every Political Building and Church in Every Capital City in the World on World Peace Day 2018.
  • To Unite 144,000 Angel Philanthropists from all 196 Countries (28,224,000 people) who each see at least $1/Month of value in this project, so as to insure that all of Humanity has been personally informed of the Greatest News, and has considered signing and supporting the petition. The first month of $1/month will justify the second month at $2/month, and the third month at $1/day.
  • The End of War, Poverty, Corruption, Systemic Violence and Time = Money
  • Relieving All Possible Suffering, Internally and Externally, Individually and Collectively.
    (The "Big People" and the "Little People".
  • The Beginning of Abundance, Harmony and Time = Art.
  • Cross the rainbow bridge into Heaven on Earth as a Sacred, Resource Based Economy.
  • The Flowering of Consciousness and Collective Enlightenment through Unconditional Love.
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