Zuzanna Trela

is creating Informational billboards and posters of #POLexit idea.




per month

About Zuzanna Trela

The collection of money is aimed at creating a campaign called #POLexit, showing to people from all around the world that Poles and Poland wants to promote the uni-skeptic/eurosceptic attitude and leave the European Union. 

If we will collect:
~ More than 500 zlotych (120£), we will be able to create a poster campaigning several cities,
~ More than 2000 zlotych (480£) - per month, we will rent some billboards and make a poster campaign as well,
~ More than 5000 zlotych (1200£) - per month, we are going to buy huge street billboards and promote our campaign on the roads and in the cities.

If we will reach our goal, we will be able to make our campaign and the whole action bigger and more successful. 

Furthermore, we would like to set up the #POLexit foundation, so all suppor is welcome. 😊