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About John Pollock & Wai Ting

Hello, this is John Pollock (Wai Ting is furiously editing a multitude of projects so I am speaking on behalf of us). Thanks for dropping by our Patreon, The POST Wrestling Café.

If you have made it this far, you are probably aware that Wai and I became “free agents” on October 30th of 2017 (yes, it was quite the day).

Since beginning a pro wrestling podcast together in September of 2009 inside of a broom closet (WWF In Your House: Ground Zero ’97 for the historians out there), we have grown our single weekly show into a network that was enjoyed by thousands like you. Then, it was a hobby. Now, we want to make it our lives.

POST Wrestling is an idea, a dream and now a reality that Wai and I have always seen as our "Ultimate Thrill Ride" (free hug). It is a completely DIY project with the two of us running operations on every level: news gathering, web design, graphics, co-ordinating interviews, recording/editing of podcasts and of course, dedicating most evenings to watch and compile notes for the countless hours of wrestling we cover each week.

We have a lot of ideas we want to develop – more reviews, a daily news show, live streaming, live events. Your support will give us the time and resources to grow POST into something greater than what came before. Most of all, you'll be helping keep the site and core shows completely free.

We hope our Tim Hortons-inspired incentives will give you the urge to provide us with the most valuable commodity within pro wrestling, MOMENTUM.

Sign up… RIGHT NOW and we will forever owe you a Scott Putski-sized thank you!

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