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Novel Saga works on several English versions of popular Chinese Web-novels.

This Patreon page is designed to support "The Portal of Wonderland".
The novel is written by Wang Yu, one of the most decorated authors in China.

Shi Mu was orphaned at a young age, but he's determined to keep the promise he had made to his dying mother. He leaves his life in his birth-village behind when a group of strangers offer him a chance he can't refuse, and embarks on a journey to become the most powerful warrior under the heavens. 

"The Portal of Wonderland" is masterpiece that takes the readers of journey of twist and turns in world where anything is possible.

We're looking for love and support to increase the release pace of the novel's English version. 

Advance Chapters are available for our Patreons. Kindly refer to the side bar to get more information on the levels.

The bare release pace of the novel is 20 chapters per month. 
But, we target to release 40 chapters per month.
We've created 4 levels of goals for this. Each with a 5 chapter cap. This means... we shall increase the release pace to 25/month when the first goal is met, and 40/month if the final goal is met. That being said, we won't stick to the set goals in case they fall short by a bit. We will round the figure up in that case to ensure that no one has to wait a little longer to know more about Shi Mu's thrilling journey. This means... we hope to raise 40$ per chapter = 200$ per goal of 5 Chapters. But, let's say we only get 130$ in total. That's 130/40 = 3.25. But, the release pace would increase by 4 chapters, and capped at a max of 40 chapters in total since we're bound to face human restrictions in translation speed.

Important Note: 
Patreons may be charged the moment the pledge. So, please be careful about this. For example... if you pledge on the 30th of the month at 23:59:59pm... then you may be charged again when the clock strikes 00:00:00am to mark the start of the next month.

Enjoy the Chapters!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 402 exclusive posts
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