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  • THE ROAD TO GREATNESS: A Patreon Exclusive Podcast (TRTG)
  • Joseph and Kyle break down the greatest games to grace The PlayStation Platform! From new release to monthly backlog shows, the crew gives their round table discussion on each game! 
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About The Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast

Our FIRST year on Patreon has been amazing and we wanted to do something special to mark this milestone.

It's been a crazy first year for everyone, let alone a Patreon!!! Your generosity really does mean the world to us. You truly helped make us better this year. With you generosity with gotten new hardware like new world class microphones like the Shure SM7B, and the Elgato Wave 3. We got better software edit our shows audio and video podcasts. We even got to go to PAX East... before the Rona! Now... all of this is because of you.

I'm sunsetting Bad Bit Games and with an ending comes a new beginning, The Trophy Room: A PlayStation Channel!

It’s has been an idea that I’ve been shuffling around in my head for over a year and I think the direction that the channel has been going along coupled with the popularity of the podcast calls for a rebrand into something more streamlined and simple. On the channel we’ll focus on gaming through the PlayStation perspective creating weekly content hitting every Monday we’ll offer commentary surrounding the PlayStation ecosystem! We’ll save the PlayStation news for The Trophy Room Podcast every Thursday!

Let’s talk Patreon.
COVID has affected all of us in major ways; especially the production side of Patreon. Our schedules have been shifted wildly from its effects. But, we know we can do better especially with all the support, I’ll be honest I don’t think we do enough. So let’s change that today. We’re changing our first 4 Tiers to reflect more value for your support.

Starting at - $1 - our thank you tier you get the new rebranded “Real Talk Radio” where we’ll be gathering your questions each and every month and get real with each other!

NEW Bronze Tier - $3 - The Trophy Room: After Show. Each and every week after every Trophy Room Show Kyle and I will record a shorter bonus show! Where we’ll answer bonus questions every single Thursday.

New Bronze+ Tier - $5 -The Road to Greatness! Full stop. If you are a previous Bronze member you’re Grandfathered into this tier. Every month Kyle and I deep dive on the latest and greatest games around the PlayStation ecosystem! Yes, in the month of their will be a RTG for Miles Morales, Demon’s Souls, Cyberpunk 2077, and a Gamescast RoundTable surrounding the PlayStation launch games... November is a busy month.

New Silver Tier - $7 - Credits every week on The Trophy Room Podcast, Patreon Shows, and virtual thank you cards!

We’ll be adjusting and tweaking the Patreon as the weeks and months go on but we think this is an excellent jump off point to offer you more shows with more consistently! New weekly shows and updates from here on out. It’s the best time to be a Patron.
99% complete
By hitting this goal or reaching 50+ Bronze Patrons. Joe will launch a special "Hot Ones" inspired episode of The Trophy Room.
Joe will consume one of the hottest hot sauces and host The Trophy Room LIVE!!!
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