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  • Medieval: Plaguebringers + Diseased Town Asset Packs
  • Medieval: Warfare + Knight's Templar Asset Packs
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  • Access to brand new tiles made each week.
  • Instant access to thousands of tiles already made!
  • Starter 2.5D Nature Tiles
  • Medieval: High Seas Asset Pack
  • Medieval: Expansion Asset Pack
  • Medieval: Bosses Expansion Pack
  • My deep(er?) appreciation!

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  • Instant access to TONS of character pieces already made! 
  • Access to brand new character builder pieces as they are made.
  • Starter 2.5D Character Pieces and Assets
  • Mythos: Reawakening Asset Pack
  • My deep(erer) appreciation!



About PVGames

Greetings video game enthusiasts, and thank you for your support!

I've been running Pioneer Valley Games and creating graphical assets for video games for about a decade. You can find some of my previous work on sale on Steam and on the official RPGMaker store, and find some games and assets on itch.io as well, with others coming soon.

RPG Resources, 2.5D Graphics Ahoy! 
Over the years I have produced two dozen RPG graphic packs sold commercially (not counting small asset packs specifically for Humble Bundles and free assets), typically with the primary view point of a top-down front-facing perspective. But now I am delving into creating a slew of 2.5D RPG graphics. This ranges from tiles to animated pieces (i.e. burning torches) to animated characters, from character face graphics and busts to paper dolls that you can customize yourself, not to mention monsters as well! Everything you will need to make your video game!

The Benefits to Patrons
  • New patrons will have immediate access to all content of their chosen tier and all tiers beneath it.
  • Seriously, it's a ton of content (thousands of assets). You can check out the Reward Archives Here!
  • Patrons will gain access to graphic resources FAR earlier than waiting for retail release (months earlier, maybe even a year+ depending).
  • Patrons will gain access to MORE graphics than what is included in commercial releases. Patrons will get everything that goes into the commercial releases plus whatever is ultimately left out of the releases plus any Patreon exclusives.
  • New tiles: I am constantly drawing and producing new tiles to make detailed game maps.
  • New character resources: New resources to allow you to build your own 2D characters, with over 70 animations currently supported in 8 directional facings, as well as 24 different high-res face, bust, and paperdoll graphics! That's over 2000 frames of animation!
  • Software: Currently in the works is a new Character Builder software that will allow you to make your characters quickly and easily, fully supporting the above mentioned animations and faces, etc.
  • New monsters: Vicious fiends to populate the darker depths of your game, complete with numerous animations as well as high-res battler images.
  • Legacy resource packs available at certain tiers (tons of resources! Check out the specifics in the rewards section up top)
  • Free asset packs just for becoming a patron!
  • Other game resources as I make them!

The Specifics
I suppose if you've gotten this far, you want to see what you're actually getting. Well, check it out!


The map tiles I create are modular and are designed to work together and be easily expanded upon. Although the average block has a 64x64 pixel base footprint, the tiles snap together easily on a 32x32 grid. The tiles come in a variety of shapes which allow you to create any kind of structure or atmosphere that you want. It's almost like playing with digital building blocks!

Ground tiles come in larger 256x256 tileable chunks, as well as 256x256 decals. A tileable chunk allows you to fill a large area with a single ground texture easily, and the decals allow you to make more nuanced natural ground with faded transition edges.

Character Resources:

Build your own characters! I've created (and will continue to create) resources for you to build your own heroes and villains, not to mention the townsfolk, for your games. 

All character pieces are in modular layers, so you can freely mix and match. You can take the hair from one set and combine it with the top from another, with the pants coming from yet a different character set! The combinations become nearly innumerable. 

Each character piece comes with over 70 2D animations, all in 8 directional facings. These animations range from walking and running to fighting, sitting, waiting around, sleeping, drinking, and so much more. Combat animations support all sorts of melee weapons, bows, crossbows, as well as various firearms like rifles, machine guns, and pistols.

On top of this, each character piece comes with 24 high-res images to create custom face portraits, 24 high-res bust images to create custom busts, and 24 high-res paper doll images.

The method in which these pieces are released is based on "character class" or "profession." In the above images, for example, are character pieces from the Battleguard, Berserker, Knight, and Mage from left to right respectively. Male and Female templates are both supported. Additional templates will be supported in the future (think Dwarves, aliens, and more!)

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are three-thousand words showing a few of the paperdoll resources:


Currently under development, this software will allow you to easily import new character building resources and use them to generate your own characters, complete with the ability to edit the layers (color, opacity, saturation, etc) of your character, preview the animations or static images, create project templates, customize exports, and more!

The above images will most likely change as the development of the software progresses.


No game is complete without terrible baddies to defeat! These monster resources come with a number of 2D animations, though admittedly not as many as the human characters. But still, they have walking (and when necessary, running) animations, attacking animations, resting animations, death poses, and more, all in 8 directional facings. In addition, I create one or more high-res still images of the monsters with transparent background; these can be used as static battlers or used in promotional material, or whatever else you want to use them for!

Legacy Packs:

Resource packs I have made over the years will be available for free to patrons of appropriate tiers. There are 9 asset packs at the Bronze Chest tier, an additional 3 asset packs at the Silver Chest tier, and an additional (and largest) asset pack at the Gold Chest tier. This doesn't count the Sci-Fi asset pack from the Wooden Chest!

*Special note: almost all of the above images showcase a medieval fantasy setting - while that is one of my big genres, the resources will NOT be exclusively medieval fantasy. There will be modern-day resources, sci-fi resources, heck, zombie apocalypse and superhero type resources! All of them can be used together.

Terms of Use
  • You CAN use these resources in any commercial or non-commercial project.
  • You CAN use these resources in any type of project, not just video games. You can use them for books, tabletop games, promotional material, or any other media.
  • You CAN use these resources in ANY game engine of your choosing.
  • You CAN edit these resources to fit your needs.
  • You can NOT sell or re-sell these resources, individually or in a set.

The End!
If you've made it all the way down to here, THANK YOU! Your support means everything to me. I endeavor to earn any and all patronage that I gain and will provide resources on a weekly basis (with some resources being every two weeks or so, depending).

Thank you kindly!
84% complete
AMAZING! I will make yet ANOTHER pack that is free for everyone to enjoy!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 432 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 432 exclusive posts

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