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I’m Paddy Valdyr, the founder of the Valdyr Consortium. I started playing video games online when I was around fourteen years old (so that I don’t have to feel old, we don’t discuss how long ago that was) and right away I saw the key element of online gaming was community; That intangible feeling of being surrounded (even virtually) by people that share your passion, while doing what you love.

As the years progressed I picked up pen and paper gaming with the Star Wars Saga Edition rulebook and was forever engrossed in the versatility and mysticism of tabletop roleplay. Thanks to my coworkers at the time, I was transported into an uncountable number of worlds.

I've decided to share this with others and bring together some friends online, starting a small gaming community based on teamwork and cooperation. 

Diversity and Good Times

The Consortium is designed to allow my gamer friends, mainly of both the tabletop variety and video games as well, to have a place to congregate and run their games without the negative interactions prevalent in online communities currently available. This group is much more selective in membership and strive for quality over quantity.
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