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I drink a lot of tea, about a dollar's worth a day. Tea brings thoughts, thoughts bring words.

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I sometimes drink beer. Nor much--I'm a bit of a lightweight.  But if you give at this amount, one of the beers I drink during the month at an anarchist bar will be because of you!

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Groceries in France are really cheap, and I'm an excellent cook. If you give me $5 a month, you'll be making sure I get to eat at least one good meal a  day out of the month. You're awesome. :)

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About Rhyd Wildermuth

Crafting dreams, weaving tapestries of meaning, radical theory, beautiful resistance--I decided to give my time over to all these things several years ago, and it's been an incredible thing.

As you might know, I'm a co-founder and was the managing editor (now the director of publishing) of Gods&Radicals, where I write quite often. I couldn't have started it without all the help of my Patrons giving me time to do that work. It now pays me a $400/stipend, and that and your support is my primary income.

Your support is how I am able to devote time to writing and developing new Pagan and anti-capitalist projects. I can do these things and much more with your help. Thank you!
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I recently married and moved to a small Breton city of Rennes, France. It's a very inexpensive, deeply artistic, and highly radicalised city.

My rent is about $500 a month, so at this level you'll be making it possible for me to continue living here (and showing I've got enough income to stay!)

That is, you'd be directly responsible for making one of my greatest dreams come true.
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