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is an ancient martial art and part of the traditional Free-Warrior knowledge – a unique cultural heritage that has grown over thousands of years and is passed on within the community of Pahuyuth. The roots of this martial art reach back more than 4500 years into the past which makes Pahuyuth one of the oldest fighting methods in the world.

Designed to enable a life of peace and freedom, Pahuyuth was used in countless wars and conflicts in Southeast Asia. Pahuyuth was the dreaded combat method of paramilitary Free-Warriors who refined the knowledge over generations and combined it with other fields of knowledge such as the Saiyasart and the knowledge of traditional Free-Warrior Medicine.

The seven disciplines of Pahuyuth: MUAILING LOMMEED (knife), MAI SAWK (shield), DAAB (sword), GRABONG (quarterstaff) and SABAI (scarf).

The Free-Warriors of Pahuyuth always kept their independence and their free will. Outsiders regarded them as uncouth, disobedient and rebellious. However their fighting abilities were beyond any doubt. This made them powerful allies in times of war. In peacetime, however, they were often persecuted and executed. 

This led to the formation of a secret society that spread throughout Southeast Asia and over the centuries withdrew more and more from the public eye. Over time the knowledge of the ancient Free-Warriors was almost completely forgotten. Nowadays only a handful of people practice and teach it to those who need it for a life in peace and freedom.

In order to preserve this unique body of knowledge and to preserve the cultural heritage of the ancient Free-Warriors for future generations, the Pahuyuth School was founded 1975 in Berlin. Its purpose is the protection and preservation of traditional knowledge through education and information.

The Pahuyuth School is the only school in the world where Pahuyuth knowledge is taught and practiced to its full extend.

Pahuyuth | Traditional Martial Arts & Self-Defense  | School in Berlin, Germany | | #Pahuyuth
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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