is creating a poetry page and empire

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I lay best plans constantly. For five whole dollars USD, you will be trusted to keep quiet about the patreon posts, where details of all the plans that went a-glay get documented. 

Also you'll get an email of a pdf or something of the zine.

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Okay nobody is trying to pretend you're going to get 200 pages of perfect-bound full color magazine every month for $10. Economies of scale, and all. We're gonna make it in InDesign. We're gonna print it wrong. We're gonna ship it to you via the post. We're gonna fuck it up the first month and there won't be a #2 till Christmas. These are the rules. 

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Them moving stuff on the back of the page are coyotes. There's two, so you get three issues. I could and shoulda set it to two, but I won't. That's not going to happen. Non-negotiable.




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We* are editing the socialist poetry page Paintbucket. Everybody knows that socialism is coming back to the U.S.A., and where there's socialism, boy howdy, there's poetry. You better believe there's poetry.

Nobody has given a hoot about poetry in this dang country since about when the U.S.S.R. tanked in 1991 or whatever it was. People weren't exactly ape about it then either, to be honest . there was a lot of CIA money floating around the arts back then, and they tilted the thing towards trying to impress eggheads in France or whatever. Anyway, who cares. I literally can't stand writing this copy. This sorta things drives people to poetry. 

We should be legends already for being fantastic, but until then, we will attempt the miraculous by trying to make some money selling poetry. Often as it makes sense (monthly, I spose) you can get some stuff mailed to you.

*: More or less it's @BigProsody. Not trying to throw anybody the bus valor-wise, just don't wanna be cutty the other way either.

Oh btw the web page is
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If this happens we're RICH! I thought this was gonna be a podcast, but since this Patreon got started, the MarxistPoetry pod set a ridiculously high bar, and ProleSound will likely crush. So basically, it'll be some money.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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