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About Palaverous

I am Palaverous, a writer in the Adult Erotic Fiction community specializing in text parser adventure games with erotic content. In short, interactive text-based titles that use written commands to explore, talk with other character, manipulate the environment and, of course, have sex. After many years of lurking the scene, playing just about anything that was released and pawing awkwardly at the various authoring systems while nursing some project ideas, I finally buckled down and wrote something myself. And so in March 2015 I finally released The Lost Hound, a sword-and-sorcery fantasy adventure game.

As my handle might suggest, my work leans heavily on the lengthy and wordy side. I feel context and build-up are a vital aspect of fiction, erotic or otherwise, and so I tend to focus on fleshing out the setting and personality of the characters in my games, trying to make them feel as real people rather than NPCs who merely exist to fulfil a role. That does not mean that every character must be strictly realistic or down-to-earth as far as I’m concerned, but rather that if I present an outrageous situation or personality I should make them believable within the setting presented.

For the time being, most of my projects are tied conceptually into the setting stablished in The Lost Hound, a medieval-ish fantasy world, though I do have some ideas in the backburner of games set in the real world. When and if I get around to them.
Though in the past I felt resistant to use 3D modelling programs, preferring instead to keep the games entirely text-based, I’ve been trying my hand at a particular poser and produced results that I’m rather satisfied with, so I am currently experimenting with graphics for my upcoming title. Whether this works out or not will decide if I continue using them from here on.

All my games will ultimately be released for free as is the tradition within the AIF community, so there is scant little I can offer as an incentive to donors beyond my deep and unbending gratitude and some early access privileges. Regardless, I would be sincerely thankful if you could contribute even just a single dollar a month to help facilitate the work on these projects.

My Games

All download links contain both standalone executables and the standard TADS .t3 executable files. See Readme for more details. If you're wondering why the links have been run through Google's URL shortener, it's because Dropbox does not let me easily track the number of downloads, which is a metric I'm understandably interested in. Same reason these files are not hosted on Patreon.

The Lost Hound.

My first title released in March 2015. A sword a sorcery adventure/sex romp that enjoyed a thankfully very positive response.

Download link: The Lost Hound V1.4

The Aftermath

A relatively short title set some years after The Lost Hound, this time without the - let's call it 'polarizing' - combat system. Not quite a full sequel, but featuring an entirely new location, many new characters, the inclusion of threesomes and a somewhat quicker progression into the naughty bits. Not entirely incomprehensible if you haven’t played The Lost Hound first, but yes, there will be quite a lot of lost context.

Download link: The Aftermath V.1.05

The Aftermath – Interlude I & II

Two individual sex scenes released as standalones taking place, respectively, one year and a deliberately vague number of years after The Aftermath. They contain twist scenes that I wanted to include in the original title but could not really fit on the narrative flow, yet also did not merit being games of their own. Recommended to be played only after The Aftermath to avoid spoilers.

Download links:
The Aftermath - Interlude I
The Aftermath - Interlude II

Currently Working On: [Title Pending]

First title moving away from The Lost Hound’s protagonist, though still in the same overall setting, this time revolving around a young wizard at the end of his apprenticeship. More details as development progresses, but the design focus is geared towards multiple endings and differing gameflow depending on player choices. Progress reports every other week on Sunday/Monday.
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Money might not buy happiness but it does get you financial stability, and to the overworked guy in a rut those two look pretty damn alike.At this level, I can justify to myself dedicating more time to writing instead of increasing my working hours, leading to a much more focused and stable development schedule.
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