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This is your ultimate way of showing your appreciation.
I will post regular progress updates here,
and you can expect to get a new working device each month.

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There are a Ton of devices which still needs functionality.
With this tier, you will get a vote for the monthly poll on which device will be added next.


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This is for those of you who just cant wait for the full Release on Loverslab.
-You´ll get early access to all new Stuff before its released to the public
-I´ll upload my working versions whenever there's notable progress.




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About Pamatronic

Hello, I´m Pamatronic and i´m writing scripts for Skyrim´s adult-orientated devices.
As well as Quest mods and some smaller utility stuff.

Being a long time IT-student, i thought i could contribute some of my skills to the modding community. I remember back in 017 when i stumbled across the Zaz animation pack and all its devices, but being disappointed that all of them are basically just glorified chairs.
And so i went and did something about it.

What i do:
I take devices like the Garotte, the Gallows, the chopping Block, the Guillotine, and many others and make them actually work.
You can find all of them on Lovers Lab:

Everything I make is designed with End-User accessibility in mind. This means that all devices can easily be placed In-game and will work in any Location and with any NPC. No modding knowledge on the users end is required.

In Addition to that, I´m also the Creator and maintainer of Prison Alternative,
A simple and easy new Prison system for those who want something less bloated than DCL or POP.
While the Core of this system is finished and playable, I´m still creating new expansions for it.

Like any serious Modder, i make my content out of passion and because i want to give something back. When i started out, I really was amazed by the positive responses i received.
The feeling you get when people comment on you stuff or sending you messages thanking you for your work and expressing their appreciation really is just Great. And motivates me to continue my work.

If you like my work, you can use this Patreon as a way to leave a "thank you".
Again, i will continue to make new stuff anyway, but having people willing to donate money
really is just the highest form of praise one can receive, So having you on board would allow me to dedicate even more time towards new creations.

$399.03 of $1,128.81 per month
This Is the Amount I make from my current Day Job, as well as the amount I require for a somewhat decent living.
If we reach It, I can quit my job and finally become a full time pervert. Looking forward to it :)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 81 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 81 exclusive posts

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