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About Panda Arts

Hello there, Panda here! you might know me from my Furaffinity or Twitter.

I am a digital artist, and i've been drawing for the past 12+ years now. I'd been sitting and thinking on making up a Patreon for myself for a while now, and finally decided to start setting one up. My works can range from clean to adult, depending my mood or the commission project. All of my works will be posted to my galleries on Furaffinity, where they are available for free. This Patreon was set up for those fans who would like to support me while i work on personal things as well commissions. 

So whats the Deal? What is Patreon?
Patreon is a great way to support your favorite creators, and get something through various tiers for your support! Letting you get access to content that would be otherwise not shown to the public. Us content creators build relationships and provide exclusive experiences, to you, the Patrons! All with the help of the tools at our disposal to give you an excellent subscription!

There really isn't much to say beyond helping another artist out. My money is made exclusively through private commissioned works in the community. It would, however, leave me with some time to work on my own creations as well. i am forever grateful to everyone that gets any of my art, it means the world to me

What works can we expect to see?
Here i will upload from doodles, sketches, to completed works. I would also like to add the TMI's as well from their weekly rotations. TMI's are another thing i would like to get back into swing of doing as well, but with all the other work i have it's one of the things i can't afford to work on separately.

Anything that is in the public show case has either been uploaded into other galleries, or has been unlocked after being available for patrons from that month.
What are the conditions for Monthly doodles?
What are the conditions for monthly Reward Tiers?
• you don't have to have a doodle each month
• send me a PM with refs as well as your idea at the start of each month
• If you skip, you forfeit that month, doodles do not roll over into the next month.
• I will not chase after, or seek you out for request info. no idea, no request.
• you have until the 10th of the respective month to let me know what you would like.
• Work on these will start after the 10th unless stated otherwise, so please let me know what you want before then! 
• Max of edits/changes to 3. unless its something i left out/forgot that does not count 
• You can send your request to me through a message on patreon

Where you can find me @
Main Furaffinity
Alt [18+] Furaffinity [18+]
Twitter Twitter
Alt [18+] 
Twitter [18+]

i also have a Trello as well! :3

DISCLAIMER : By pledging to my page, you are agreeing to be 18 years or older
14 of 20 patrons
When i reach 20 patrons, i'll add a tier option for monthly Almost Line less Busts.
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