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With your donation, you get to see  sprite sheets of the characters (even the ones that didn't get used), pics of concept art and I tell you all about my original ideas for the characters and how they were initially conceptualized

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I put up a poll and you can actually *pick* from a list what the monthly art will be about; and you get to play 'ask-characters'-like mini illustrations answering questions you ask the characters, but it's about no-plot-relevant trivia (like favorite foods and shows), including previous gen, which is a good opportunity to find out how the heck they got to the point they're in now.




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About Panworks

Hellos peeps, Pan here!

I'm a full time employee working on art when my body and limited free time allow it- and because I've obviously developed a taste for pain, I had the brilliant idea of starting a new fanadventure!

Lucidstuck: Astral Inheritors:
This is a fanadventure based on a universal alteration of Intrepidpioneer's own fanadventure Lucidstuck . The premise is a new set of dreamers in their own lands learning to deal with school, family, relationships and just being teenagers, because all that shit's hard (and nobody understands).

The story's tentative time of release is March/April 2020 (latest), and the plan is to be working on concept art, assets (sprites, backgrounds, houses, etc) until then.

You can hear more by joining at the official Lucidstuck Discord, and checking the Panworks category. You can also self assign to yourself the 'Inheritor's role so you can see the invisible spoiler channel.

Why pledge to me:
I have a full-time job already and I already am investing my money into paying for this, on either assets or things that help me produce faster (animating, organizing updates, uploading pics, etc), however, I live in Argentina and it's not cheap to do any of those things, especially because I pay for it with dollars. If I had less of a financial strain on my rl savings, I could afford to get better animations/music and other additions to the fancomic, and that's something I'd very much like to do.

Who am I:
I'm a whole person doing my best to do what I've always preached: if you want to see the specific content you want, you must do it yourself! I've always been a crackshipper, a nitpicker and a fanatic of niche interest so canon rarely ever gave me what I wanted, well- no time like today to get my hands dirty to get those things I want so much!
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aaaaaahhh, money??? I hire people for more cool things like music and suchs
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 73 exclusive posts

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