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Welcome! If you're here then you have probably encountered my art, or met me in person, or been pointed this way by a friend.

Thank you for investigating further!

On to a bit more on me:
My name is Tallulah and I am a creative based in Australia. My bread and butter work is a mix of Natural History illustration – the drawing of plants and animals for publication and education and more recently illustrations for RPG and Sci-fi book covers.

Patreon is the cauldron for which I set aside time and resources to pour into my own projects (some of which are tier rewards), sharing the process images as I simmer ideas from initial sketches to the finished, hot-off-the-drafting-table, finished art/items. Patrons, and Followers too, provide the coals and kindling that not only help fuel these doings but also help me light my way to prioritise subsequent projects.

I have a literal box stuffed with ideas that include one-off visual puns, paper sculpture, a unicorn field guide, enamel pin ideas, embroidered patches,and Rapunzel as a sci-fi comic (still at *very* early stage). Many of these ideas require immense amounts of time and research invested in them before they can become reality.

You can get an idea of my current and past projects through the "Posts" tab above.

📯Patreon helps me give and gives me help:
I find it easier to procrastinate on finishing creative projects for myself especially if they don't have a clear deadline. I also love kicking off new ideas and disappearing down conceptual rabbit holes. Having the tenacity to stick to one thing can be hard when some new and shiny idea occurs to me and I can see it in my head, ready to be put on paper.

I also love making things for other people, but my tendency to do this at random diverts a lot of energy and focus from completing my own art projects.

Patronage gives a solution – Here I can harness my love of giving things to others by working on my own ideas. By making my art projects for Patrons rather than myself alone I actually set time aside to advance them.

The reward tiers will give you an idea of what I am currently producing. I am always open to suggestions for other rewards and the Tier content will evolve over time as existing projects finish and new ones kick off. Patrons will also get early notice for when both commercial and personal projects I've been working on are released in hard copy, and discounts on products when I can swing them for you. All this for less than a cup of coffee* a month.

(did I say one main project... )
Sappho, The Tenth Muse (kids book concept)
Levelling up my landscape and anatomy drawing (via Schoolism)
Field Guide to Pygmy Unicorns
Occassional steampunk animal stickers/magnets

Alphabestiary colouring book (I still have copies available)
Yoga Animals
Delivery Dinosaur colouring pages
Japanimals colouring pages
Middle Earth Motorcyclists (I want to revisit this but am resisting...)

Pending plate clearing
Enamel Pin collaboration(s)
Itchy Animals exhibition
Wax seal designs
You can Follow me here it won’t cost you a groat and you’ll get access to the public posts I share, or on other social media (Instagram - Twitter - Twitch). Also please feel welcome to share any of the public posts on your social media and/or leave a comment on the ones you like best.
What is this thing called “Patreon”?
Patreon inverts historic Patronage systems: Instead of one rich person having a stable of sculptors, poets and painters glorifying them, creatives are encouraged and enabled by many patrons that each chip in a little to enable the creation of content through monthly (or per item) donations.

Pockets are to let - but like what I do and want to help? A boost on your social media, send a link to a friend, or a comment on a post is as good as the cost of a lamington and cup of tea - your social capital is as valuable if not more than financial capital.

*Did you know civet-digested coffee can be $30-80 per cup! Madness!

Please do be aware that Patreon processes pledges are in US dollars and at the beginning of each month. Be assured that you can amend your pledge at any time as a patron.

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Second Seal
When we reach 30 patrons I'm going to splurge and design a proper wax seal, get it professionally made and start putting them on the monthly envelopes. I've wanted one for years. Let's make this happen - design will be bats and botanics <3
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 282 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 282 exclusive posts

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