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About Parabellum

So what's this all about?
The idea of Patreon is that you support a creator financially for the content they create for you. In my case I create a highly-detailed documentary series that looks at WW2 battles. This series is called Parabellum
A lot of History documentaries are short, quite vague and don’t go into any depth. I don't know about you, but they always left me feeling disappointed. So in Parabellum  we'll put every single unit on a map and show you exactly what happened.
How Does Your Support Help?
Making in-depth documentaries at this level requires a lot of research. The accuracy and quality of the sources dictates the quality of the final script. If I only have access to a handful of books, I won't get the full picture, and I won't be able to provide you with the details you deserve.
With your support, I'll be able to compile all the sources needed to deliver a detailed and accurate picture of the events.
Help me create the most detailed and the most accurate animated history documentaries ever so we can visualise the battles that shaped our world. Thank you all for your support.