ParadiseStation is creating a Space Station 13 Server.

Become a patron to post to ParadiseStation's page.

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Pledge $1 or more per month
4 patrons
With this tier, you will be added to the list of people who are helping us support the server and keep the lights on in the server's building!
Pledge $5 or more per month
26 patrons
With this tier, you receive all of the bonuses from the previous tier on top of:
  • A Patron Icon, visible on OOC chat.

  • 5 Additional Loadout points in-game, get fancy!
  • Patron role on the Public Discord which has the ability to Add Reactions to messages!
Includes Discord rewards
Pledge $10 or more per month
18 patrons
In addition to previous tiers' bonuses, you get:
  • Access to special Patron Loadout: a set of items for your character's loadout only available to this tier's donors and higher!

Includes Discord rewards
$15 or more per month 17 patrons
In addition to the previous tiers, with this tier you will receive:
What is it? A custom non-balance-altering item that you will spawn with on a specific character. Some restrictions can apply to them, such as no armor appearance and such. Sprite would have to be provided.

If you have any questions - Contact a Head Admin through Discord or Forum PMs, or drop a message through Patreon.
  • One fluff item
Includes Discord rewards
Emoji Tier
$20 or more per month 6 of 24 patrons
In addition to previous tiers, you also get:

  • The ability to design a permanent emoji for our public Discord. Please make sure they're not inappropriate/racist.
Includes Discord rewards