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We shall provide you with access to some of our videos, photos, and audio documentation of unexplained activity that will have less censorship than Project Blue Book! 
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Wow! You have better hide and seek skills than Bigfoot and thus have found the rest of our video, photos and audio documentation of unexplained phenomenon somehow without even looking. 

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Ever wanted to see the inside of one those UFO's? Well, you still can't! Sorry. BUT you will be able to gain access to special LIVE videos when we are at paranormal sites and interact with us as we investigate those sites. You never know what may happen.

Who knows...maybe we will get beamed up and you can catch a glimpse of the inside of one of those glamorous ships before the M.I.B. confiscates all of your electronic devices and wipes your memory clean. 

- Receive all previous tier rewards. 




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    Thank you for your interest in our work. Let me just start off by saying this: you are NOT alone! If there is one thing that I have learned from my paranormal journey since childhood is it can feel like a lonely one, but many people out there are going through their own frightening experiences. This field requires you to have good attention to detail, a lot of "outside of the box" thinking and a neutral mind when it comes to considering all of the possibilities no matter how uncomfortable the results may be. With all of this said, here are our final goals our team would like to achieve:

- Expand our Paranormal Support group so that it reaches people all across the world!
- Purchase a large haunted property, develop an office, interactive based training facility, classrooms for paranormal courses and event location for social gatherings.
- Bring others of diverse backgrounds together to help each other solve the paranormal puzzle and create new lasting friendships.
- Develop new / innovative equipment for other paranormal researchers to use.
- And of course, the most important and ambitious goal; solve the Paranormal Puzzle in its entirety!                    



     For thousands of years many civilizations, including our own, have attempted to document unexplained activity using various different means. Whether it be through legends passed down by word of mouth one person to another, ancient texts, video footage, audio recordings, etc. It is no secret that there is substance to many areas of what we call today the “paranormal”. When we formed Uini Research, we decided that our goal would be to try to understand how the unexplained activity happens rather than proving that it is happening. The thousands of years of documentation already prove that so why continue running in place?

    Paranormal Puzzle is the name we gave to the methodology that we at Uini Research developed over many years to attempt to figure out precisely what is happening, why it all happens, and how everything in the paranormal field is connected. It is our belief that no single area of study or school of thought can provide the full picture. This means that everything is taken into consideration! Religions, spiritual activity, ufology, nature, physics, cryptozoology, numerology, astrology, and much more. All these may play a key role in figuring out the entire truth! 

    We choose to try to answer questions that will actually help us help others in the future without spouting off a bunch "hocus pocus" theories. For instance, we may ask the question of "Why did the right shoulder and the head of the ghost manifest in this case, but in the other case only the ghosts feet manifested?" Does the paranormal fields explanation of ghosts being made out of E.M. or that the ghost did/didn't have enough energy explain how this happened? NO!

     Dr. John Foldy, a university professor for the state of New York, had found out about our research, reviewed our work and deemed it credible. He then began working with us until his unfortunate passing in 2014. 

                                              R.I.P. Dr. John Foldy.

      We take great pride in what we do! While we enjoy joking around, having fun, and bringing smiles and laughter to others, we also take our research very seriously. Please help us move our research forward and be a part of history as we all solve the "Paranormal Puzzle"! 


- The Paranormal Puzzle web series which will cover our journey in piecing together the unanswered questions of the field.
- Creating artificial conditions in any given surrounding environment that is conducive in aiding spiritual activity to manifest.
- Develop an understanding of why people with similar or identical levels of senses such as hearing or sight often have extreme discrepancies in what they are able to perceive.

Here is a sneak preview of our upcoming Paranormal Puzzle web series!


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Funding is important for our success in this field, but we always think of others before we think of ourselves. It is in our nature to always make sure that others benefit from our work besides our own team. There are two parts to each of our goals: 
1. What we will be able to do for you.
2. What our team will be able to accomplish thanks to your support. 
These are the two things that our goals will be based on. 

If we meet our first goal the following will happen:
1. We will relaunch our Paranormal Support group in New York state with even more social gathering events.
2. We will begin upgrading our audio equipment.
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