Parker Beaudoin

is creating Original Paintings and Art works

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 I would like to Generate $1000.00 per Month to help buy art  Supplies, Canvases and Start Working my way into the Larger Art Fairs & Shows around the Country.

Your Help and Support will Grant me much needed time to make my Creations and keep making the World a more Beautiful Place.  




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I am Parker Beaudoin and I am “The Heart Man”

Working with a unique style i created called "Neo-Popism".
My current body of work represents love and positivity, adding some color and love into all who view it, yet giving each viewer the ability to develop a connection and interpret each piece with their own emotions and experiences.

I have exhibited in numerous galleries and exhibits, both solo and group, in New York, Miami, Orlando, Palm Beach, and more. My artwork is also in the permanent collections of the City of West Palm Beach, and the VA Hospital in West Palm Beach, FL. I have also been published nationally and internationally, and won many awards for my art.
I recently opened my own gallery in the area and

Additional pieces can be viewed at

Seeking the stability of being able to create everyday and make this World more Beautiful one Painting at a time.
Please help Spread Love With Art® by Supporting.

Have a wonderful day!
Parker Beaudoin
Spread Love With Art Inc.

$0 of $1,000 per month
I have a small Goal to start of only $1000 per month which will help by giving more financial freedom and creating more time to focus solely on creating.

We all know how the world is, and that bills never stop and it creates a creative block for artists and creators alike..

To have the help for this and not have to only worry about bills, it would give the freedom to be able to create with out the hustle and worry of making the amount of every bill and the stress if unable to do so.

Please help Spread Love With Art® by Supporting.

Thank you
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