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About ParkyGames

Welcome to my Patreon! I've created this page after 6 years of making gaming commentaries on YouTube to ask for your support.

Believe it or not, I genuinely don't like asking for my viewers to help and support my efforts. I don't  expect people to want to support me, however, I would be eternally grateful for those of you who do, and I've created some rewards which I hope will make your support worthwhile.

This support is needed, as a medium-sized channel I don't generate enough views to upkeep channel costs easily - your support would certainly help me maintain and improve the quality, regularity and variety of content for you guys!

My aim one day is to get to the point where I can work full-time creating content for my viewers, but until then, anything you can pledge to help really does make a difference!

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All the support!
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With a $1 donation you are helping the channel more than you know! Think of those bragging rights for supporting such wholesome content...!
Your name goes down in 'History'!
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Support the channel for $5 and your name will be featured on the 'Official Most Awkward Subscribers' list on the YouTube channel's 'About' page.
Awkward Communications!
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Access to everything in the previous rewards tiers, plus:
  • Provide me with your Skype username through patreon messaging and I'll add you on Skype! You'll be able to text chat me all you want and I'll try my best to reply!
$0 of $100 per month
This goal would be achieved instantly if 100 of my 50,000 subscribers pledged $1 each; and would make huge improvements to the quality and regularity of content!
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