matt & Zax are creating Weekly Podcasts & Videos

Crowdfund good feels

$1 /mo
You can bring pranks to phone owners throughout America & across the globe for as little as $1.00 or 25¢ per podcast.

As a reward You will receive a Shoutout on all our Podcasts.

High Quality Audio

$4 /mo
For $4.00 a month you will receive access to the High Quality Audio feed on Patreon as well as receiving a Shoutout on all our Podcasts.

PartyGoers Premium Package

$10 /mo
 Wow! 10 buck?! Now were talkin', as a reward your name (and URL) will be Shouted out and posted in the ShowNotes, Youtube Description & you w...

In Studio Guest Pass

$100 /mo
You will be mailed tickets to see PartyTime be recorded live in studio from Downtown Chicago, Illinois monthly for any of the scheduled broadcast dates you desire.