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Litte Patchies get shoutouts on my next video and first dibs on my new pieces for 24 hours before the GP.


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Stitchmeisters get all of the above AND a rap verse written and performed about whatever they want (no hate speech)


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Threadlords get first dibs on new pieces, shoutout on next music video, and a private beatbox lesson once a month.




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About PatchesFlows

Hiyall :) I'm Sam King Patches, a real live full time artist!

I left a lucrative career in the food industry to pursue my passions for art and music (and distance myself from Monsanto's empire). 

The stress of poverty, however uncomfortable, doesn't outweigh the accomplishments following the slow path to becoming a sustainable, professional artist. As I watch myself level up, not only at crafting, but vending and associated skills, I feel like I am a character in the best MMORPG ever!

Its like some sort of fantasy sci fi adventure! 

As a consequence of shifting breadwinning gears, Ive paired down all non essential possessions and have inexpensive hobbies like fire spinning, juggling and beatboxing. Ive also experimented with not being such a glutton (gasp), but the juries still out on that one haha. Organic AF, omniverous, low sugar, low grain, as not fake and crappy as possible. I suppose what Im communicating here is that any money you donate to help me survive as an artist will be invested wisely. 

This Patreon idea is so interesting. I really wish basic human needs were guaranteed, unhastled, clean houseing, facilities, health care, and education. Everyone would be so happy and if we had excellent education we all would be more productive as a race. They just printin money anyway!

For supporting me as an artist, I will commit to teaching people in person, putting out tutorials, and paying it forward by encouraging young artists to follow their dreams instead of succumbing to a system that wants to crush them. I also will offer art and juggling lessons for free to people that cant afford them and film little bits that come from it Honestly I already do this, but your patronage would really take some stress off my shoulders. To some, what I need to survive is pocket change. To me it will enable me to eat, breathe, and sleep soundly.

It's such a deep philosophical subject, what it is to deserve. I say, if you can spare some potent energy, then I am a worthy recipient. I have my entire focused life force and aligned desires ready to paint the town. My message is of possibility, positivity, and permaculture, as in homeostatic, regenerative, net positive living. My long term goals are to become successful enough at art that I can pay the piper and still have enough left over to keep learning new healthy skills to teach the global communities. 

Thanks for readin yall! Even if you cant afford to donate, you can always spread the word if you appreciate what I believe in. Thank you and bless :) <3

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My first goal! Teency Weency!
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