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It is an honor to be of service to you. This work is my pleasure and passion. We are all born with the gift of psychic ability. Our very soul is psychic, yet it takes training to remember how to use it. I have not learned to hone my abilities by reading books or from other teachers. I was taught by my ancestors on the Otherside. I have documented what they've taught me in my Online Psychic Development Course and Q & A Podcast

You may access me for any of the following:
-Details of Past/Present/Future
-Life Coaching
-Business Coaching
-Medical Intuition
-Relationships & Couple's Counseling
-Psychic Development Instruction (online, 1:1, workshops)
-Spirit Communication
-Destiny & Soul's Purpose
-Animal Communication, Health, and Behavioral Issues
-Past Lives & Karma
-Spirit Guides (meeting & communicating with)
-Earthbound Spirits & Crossing Over
-Group Readings for 20+ participants

What to Expect:

As I channel, I am translating directly from your own blueprint and guides in order to answer any question you have about your Life or the world. The information that I receive is like a detailed snapshot of your Life that is complete with solutions, tools, understanding, validation, and clear direction. What solutions are there for your unique situation? Are you living your highest destiny? What doors of opportunity are present for you at this moment? Practical, detailed, and solutions-based insight is guaranteed. There is free will in life, and there is also fate. How you determine your fate is by how you use your free will...

What You Get (exclusive patron benefits): 
Every member that becomes a patron will automatically receive...
1) Instant access to all of my exclusive Patreon posts (good stuff only available here)
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3) A seat in my online Psychic Development Course and Student Forum.**
4) Once you register and sign-up for the course online, you will have instant access to my original Getting In Tune method mp3 for (safely) getting into a psychic state in order to speak with the Creator, your guides, +/or loved ones on the Otherside.

*Waking of the Warriors Ebook is a manual for how to effectively traverse the suffering and challenge in your current life experience while more easily ascending toward your highest Destiny--your Life's true fulfillment and purpose. "We are Creators of circumstance, not creatures of circumstance" Disraeli wrote. Then why do we suffer? This book explores the often difficult-to-understand path of the Spiritual Warrior, and how to come into your full power now; with practical tools and profound new understanding. You will also learn how and why The Warriors are necessary during these critical times. Written by Jaecinta Harris ©️2006

**Online Psychic Development Course:
Over 1,000 students are enrolled in this online course. It is self-paced, so you can join anytime you want, go at your own speed, and from the comfort of your own home. In this online course you will learn; what makes you psychic, how to tune-in and tune-out at your own will, how to protect yourself from negative energies, earthbound spirits, and other psychic attacks, as well as how to communicate with your spirit guides and anyone else from the Other Side. All materials are provided. Open to All. Previous experience with meditation is helpful but not necessary. You will also be granted access to participate in the Student Forum Discussion where you can share insights, tools, and questions with other students that are currently taking the course.

For those concerned about a monthly membership, no worries. Patreon charges you on the day you become a member (so you will have instant access to everything from your tier), then again on the first of the following month, and so forth. You can cancel at anytime. :) If you pledge toward the end of the month, you will still receive all your goodies before the end of that month.
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When I reach $500 per month (and every month I remain above $500), I will submit all patrons into a raffle where one patron will win a free 1hr Psychic Reading (via Skype video) for themselves or someone of their choice.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
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