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What up fam! We heard you like Patreon, so we put some Patreon in your Patreon so you can Patreon while you Patreon!

Wait wait wait, let’s start over: Welcome to Patreon’s Patreon page! No, you’re not seeing a glitch in the matrix! For all of you wonderful people that like to keep up with the latest Patreon news and happenings, you’re in the right place!

Featured Patreon Content: 

Monday: The Patreon Podcast — Creator stories, as told by creators with John Mierau

Tuesday: Calling all Creators — Taryn Arnold interrupts creators’ lives for a 10ish minute phone call

Last Friday of the month: Hang Time — Hang with Jack Conte and Taryn Arnold for Patreon updates and general foolery.

The Patreon Patreon Page will also feature vlogs, blog posts, pictures, and company updates to keep you in the loop with everything happening at Patreon HQ! Woooo yeah!! Enthusiasm.

Thank you thank you thank you for supporting the Patreon mission. You’re going to love what we’ve got in store for you. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to get back to karate monkey.

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