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Hello and welcome to Patric's Studio ZeroThirteen!

Who am i you might wonder?
I'm Patric (No, not the seastar) im a 3D and Designer from sweden. Mostly i focus alot of my work on design for the moment, trying to find my Niche so to speak, but that dosen't stop me from digging into the arcane art of programing.

So why do i have a Patreon page?
Well, it's simple really, I kinda want to get support for my work and it lets me share my work for those who are interested. This also lets me know what YOU want to see, this can be anything 3D art related, even short games.

Games, Did you say games

Yes little Darkling, I said games.
You might then ask me "Have you ever published/worked on a game before?". To this i will have to say, No, I have never worked on a commercial game in my life and whenever i have made concepts or designs for one, I have never been paid, hence the Patreon page.

Wait a Minute... don't i know you from Wattpad?
Yes, you might, and ig you have i would recommend you head over there and read some of the sories i have writen, one might turn into a game, who knows xD

Short Words From Patric
Just so everyone know's and i will be honest, i'm not expecting much support because support costs money and a "value" makes exceptations, and i will not place the bar high in that regard. I will try to make as much of my work free on the facebook page (Patric's Designs) but if you want to see it all, then just come by here.

AND if i make some sort of short game, be it a special project for halloween or something, I will keep it simple and not promise stuff i can't keep. 

If you Darklings have any questions?
Just swing by the facebook page or just send them to me, FAQ's are always fun.

See You Around In The Darkness And Stay Safe!

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First Stretch Goal

The purpose for this stretch goal was to give me some insentive to work properly, also to show that the system works. sure it does not pay the rent or put much food on the table but it is something.
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