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About Patrick Lauser

Hello and saluton!

I am Patrick Lauser, and "saluton!" is "hello!" in Esperanto.
I am a lover of God and of all who love God, a fellow servant of The Author.


"Dreaming is proof that creating Fantasy is the natural state of the human mind."
- I just said this in quotes for greater emphasis

Every week I post a strip of the comic Hangmen, and an episode of the current Choose Your Own Adventure Serial, and a post exclusively for my patrons. Monthly I post an update about my main projects.

Because of the monthly support of kind friends on Patreon, I can provide my work to everyone, and live off of the same work.

Believe me, the smallest support is a blessing. Think of the difference that a smile or a single kind word can make.

Here is one of the Hangmen strips:

I have also created six interactive artworks (a.k.a. games) free to explore online:

I intend to give my best!
Thank you to the many who have given to me!

Your servant,
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I will write a short story to which each Patron may contribute a character of their own invention.
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