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About Patto

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Hey folks!
 Your friendly internet squawker here. Most know me as Patto, some know me as Rimebane and others know me as an annoyance. I specialize in digital art of the furry and anthropomorphic variety but you'll occasionally find other fandoms here as well. What I'm hoping to achieve here is to find a way to fund my current comic project and then offer some perks on the side to keep things hot and spicy.

So what's so special about this?

This is an early-access patreon! which means by subscribing to my Patreon, not only are you funding the creation of projects I could only dream to be paid to do - but you get to see all this stuff a couple weeks before it hits the public eye. Comics, pinups even commissions will be held here  before being submitted bi-weekly to other galleries. You guys will be the first to see this stuff before it goes live!

What you can expect to see every month is at least one comic page submission and character pinup which you guys get to suggest characters for pinups and vote! Access to my PSD's/ Sai files, WIPs, Patron-only streams and some very special rewards such as personal mentoring for qualifying tiers.

So where does the money go?

Bills and Savings! But specifically, by supporting me you of course are helping me make a living. A lot of it goes into merchandising and travel for cons, paying for tables, hotels, software and subscriptions to streaming programs and online services which I use as assets for my business! The biggest one of all being that 75% of my profits are also going into saving for a house as it's one of my goals to own a house somewhat local to my parents, we live in a pretty expensive city so right now I'm working towards a pretty hefty down payment.

OK, I guess I should tell you I buy myself some nice things from time-to-time. First and foremost your support is what allows me to do the things I do and the better the funds the higher quality of the work I can post here while balancing my weekly commission quota.
66% complete
If I reach this goal I will put out 3 comic pages per month on top of all current rewards
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