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Review Vote
Tallied every two weeks. Every user donating at least $2.00 may review all the stories currently on my extended schedule – all of them – and cast a vote for...

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Patreon Accelerated Review (PAR)
In addition to the $2 reward, donating $4 gives you the opportunity to request a Patreon Accelerated Review! Unlike my normal review requests, P...

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The Review Vote is DOUBLED!
In addition to the $4 PAR reward, anyone donating $6 or more will have their review votes doubled! No, this doesn't mean you get two different votes,...

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The PAR has been DOUBLED!
In addition to the $6 reward, patrons donating $10 will be allowed to two Patreon Accelerated Reviews. This means that they will be allowed to...

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The Review Vote is TRIPLED!
Want more power over what stories I review ahead of schedule? With this reward, your vote is counted as three. Pick a story deep in the dept...

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Dominant Story Vote
In addition to the lower rewards, anyone donating $18 or more get to take part in a special, bi-monthly voting process where you get to decide where...

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Working on your latest masterpiece, but it seems more like a train wreck? Patrons donating $25 or more may request my services as a pre-reader for their story! Due to...