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Thank you for your consideration. Take a moment to enjoy the world of Southern Paul Friedrich for a well deserved laugh. It’s made with the right amount of honest-to-goodness humor and wit for your earned, hearty laugh that Americans have cherished for decades.

Thank you for selecting Southern Friedrich, a timeless tradition of quality.

Oak City's Paul Friedrich is recognized nationally as an innovator and leader in the low pop category. Introduced at the turn of the century, Southern Friedrich has become known worldwide for its influence on style, humor and taste. consumer acceptance & demand has spurred growth of sales.

Guaranteed to be fresh and made in the Southern tradition of excellence.

People that say, "Go for it." are completely right. I've tried it and I've done it! Successes include an Eisner Award nomination for my comic, and projects with Disney, Adult Swim, and the NHL's Carolina Hurricanes.

I've found that a big part of success comes from constantly working, selling and representing at every convention possible. Like Johnny Cash, I've been everywhere. This is your moment to be the force for good in my creative process! Your contribution lets me focus my time making more cartoons, more comics, more of everything! In return, whether you're having a good or bad day, you'll know you'll be getting an extra laugh every day with my cartoons.

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Bonuses for patrons include posting new work before I post it elsewhere, behind the scenes photos and photo updates, sketchbook pages including preliminary sketches, outlines and storyboards (you'll get to see the comics from concept to completion!), otherwise discarded alternative versions of cartoons, one sentence reviews of movies and TV shows, random cartoons from whatever I'm into that week (cats? sure. skateboarders? definitely. vending machines? I love vending machines!), my personal opinion on water (minor spoiler alert- I'm for it), special event announcements, recommendations of restaurants and bars I like around the country and world, interesting websites, articles, and trivia I find when I'm procrastinating, links to artists I think you'll like and other stuff that I think is good.

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The above, plus a vinyl sticker featuring one of my cartoons and see pages from my sketchbooks. 
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When we hit $100 a month, I'll share my feelings about toast (Spoiler Alert: I like it. But what about if it's burnt?)
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