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  • You are offsetting your carbon for the year. That is peace of mind! Your donation will allow me to work hard growing the trees and planting the tropical forests necessary to offset that carbon.
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  • Now we have entered the path of generosity. Not only are you offsetting you own carbon but you are offsetting the carbon of another person in a developing country!
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We are restoring 100 acres in a biological-reserve in the Yucatan, Mexico and 200 acres at an ecovillage in Canada and we need your support. The eco-reserve was formerly overgrazed cattle land and is being restored to tropical forest. After 4 years of work, we are seeing more and more animals return to the area now. So we know this works!

In 2017 we ran a gofundme campaign and raised enough to build a small nursery and irrigation system on the property. With our interns, we collected local tropical tree seed, made the biochar and soil needed to grow the plants and seeded them in the nursery. When the rains returned in June we ran our first Latin American Ecosystem Restoration Camp and grew enough trees to plant 8 Hectares of the tropical forest! We have continued to expand on these successes and more and more creatures like deer, armadillo, grizon, fox, anteater and many bird and butterfly species are appearing! We are also getting many migrating birds (e.g. Rose-breasted grosbeak, Cedar Waxwing, Hooded Warbler) as we are in an important flyway.

As you return native plants to an area it really is amazing to see the wildlife return! The local wildlife is keyed to the plants and they just appear. It is beautiful to watch as year after year the biodiversity in a restored habitat increases. Right now in the UN Decade for Ecological Restoration (2020-2030), there is a great urgency to restore large areas for wildlife. We have lost so much habitat on this planet that millions of species are threatened with disappearing forever. That is our fault but we have the skills to restore damaged ecosystems and are doing the hard work. Please support us we want to expand our effort and restore 1000s of acres of land.

But not only are we restoring habitat for wild animals, but we are also recapturing carbon in the plants and in the soil! With these large-scale restorations, we will be recapturing tons of carbon! The more hectares of forest that we restore the more carbon we will be recapturing.

"The Maya Forest is the largest remaining tropical rainforest in the Americas after the Amazon, home to unparalleled biological and cultural biodiversity. " However, vast areas of tropical forest in the Yucatan were cleared for Sisal production. Now cattle ranching is also damaging the land. It is sad to see how much has been degraded in what is a tremendously rich area for biodiversity. Mexico is 4th in the world for biodiversity and the Yucatan tropical forests are 2nd in size after the Amazon. This area needs our help and the local people need our help doing this work for all our sakes.

We have spent years trying to figure out how to grow the local plants and restore this degraded land. Now that we have our living example of how it may be done we are reaching out to our neighbours and the local Mayan villages to teach them what we have learned about restoring the soil and healing the land. Our neighbours also own large tracts of land that could be restored or converted to regenerative agricultural practices that will benefit and empower them to restore the jungles. We need to offer an advantage for them economically to do this work either through growing regenerative crops, food forests or other sources of income such as ecotourism.

We are looking for generous patrons to support our work in the jungle. We live simply and our passion is to make a beautiful place for all to see the benefits of ecological restoration. We post regular updates on our progress on social media channels. Thank you we really appreciate anything that you have to offer!

Paul Morris, M.Sc. is a Restoration Ecologist from Canada and Sophia Ortiz Carrillo is an Agronomy Engineer from Mexico. Between the two of us, we can grow almost any plant and restore any ecosystem! The gifts that we have are a deep understanding of natural ecosystems and how to heal the damage that we have done. We share our wisdom of the land freely with those willing to learn. For 20 years in Canada, we hosted over 50 volunteers to learn about habitat restoration. In our first year running Earth Connection Center in Mexico, Sophia and Paul have hosted +200 visitors, 25 volunteers and 4 interns all of them contributing over 4000 hours of their time. We are humbled and very grateful for their contributions!

Planet Healers and Earth Connection Center for Eco-education and Leadership are working examples of habitat restoration, regenerative agriculture and innovation to create positive change in the world. Join us and help us restore more land!

Why am I doing this? Really it is a love for all the myriad of forms of life on this planet and a labour of love. As a child in Canada, my grandfather and father would take me out into the woods to do landscape painting. During these times I developed a deep connection with the natural world. They would oil paint and I would paint my masterpiece for a few minutes and then go explore the woods. We would be there for hours and I would just go off and watch the ants, play in the creeks, smell the flowers, the soil and the pine needles under my feet. To me, it was visceral and sensual, the feeling of the textures of the soil, the roughness of the bark. My grandfather would tell me how to paint and how to see the world, to look at the details, the curve of a branch and the colours. To see things as they are.

My grandfather and father painted with oils like the great landscape painters in the Group of Seven. We paint landscapes and our colours are trees and wildflowers. They are more expressive like a Pollock painting with its random yet precise raw beauty allowing for the “paints” to have a life of their own and flow where they need to go. There is head knowledge of ecology and the needs of the plants and then there is beyond that, a subtler knowing that takes it to an art. 

For more information on what we are doing:
$50.60 of $1,000 per month
For $1000 we will be able to fund our habitat restoration work at the 100 acre biological reserve and have students in our international intern program. Planting, learning and researching as part of the team at the center. They will be able to go out into the world and teach a raindrop in water sending ripples out into the world. The more generous the more students we can offer this to!

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