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About Planet Healers

"The Maya Forest is the largest remaining tropical rainforest in the Americas after the Amazon, home to unparalleled biological and cultural biodiversity. "

Paul Morris is a restoration ecologist living in the Yucatan, Mexico because this is where he is needed most. The gifts that he has are a deep understanding of natural ecosystems and how to heal the damage that we have done. He shares his wisdom of the land freely with those willing to learn. In Canada he hosted over 50 volunteers to learn about habitat restoration. In their first year running Earth Connection Center Sophia and Paul have hosted +200 visitors, 25 volunteers and 4 interns all of them contributing over 4000 hours of their time. We are humbled and very grateful for their contributions!

Planet Healers and Earth Connection Center for Eco-education and Leadership are working examples of regenerative living and innovation to create positive change in the world. Join us and Help us!

$600 is enough to support Paul, Sophia and 2 interns doing this good work. Any additional funds will support more interns and help us spread the wisdom of the land that we offer. Thank you we really appreciate anything that you have to offer!

Paul has always aimed to lead a life of service. Doing habitat restoration and teaching others how to do it for themselves. In Canada he ran a native plant nursery and habitat restoration business for 20 years. But his goal was always to restore more habitat. Now in the Yucatan he is working hard to demonstrate the value of habitat restoration in this degraded landscape. To see more on him you can check his LinkedIn page:

Vast areas of tropical forest in the Yucatan were cleared for Sisal production. Now cattle ranching is also damaging the land. It is sad to see how much has been degraded in what is a tremendously rich area for biodiversity. Mexico is 4th in the world for biodiversity and the Yucatan tropical forests are 2nd in size after the Amazon. This area needs our help and the people need our help doing this work for all our sakes.

Last winter we ran a gofundme campaign and raised enough to build a small nursery and irrigation system on the property. With our volunteers we collected local tropical tree seed, made the biochar and soil needed to grow the plants and seeded them in the nursery. When the rains returned in June we ran our first Latin American Ecosystem Restoration Camp and grew enough trees to plant 8 Ha of tropical forest!

As you return native plants to an area it is amazing to see the wildlife return! The local wildlife is keyed to the plants and they just appear. It is beautiful to watch as year after year the biodiversity in a restored habitat increases. But not only that, we are recapturing carbon in the plants and in the soil! With these large-scale restorations we will be recapturing tons of carbon! The more hectares of forest that we restore the more carbon we will be reclaiming and we are also selling the carbon credits to fund additional plantings.

Please support our work! We live a simple life and get by with less. Living more in balance with the earth and teaching others how to do the same. My motto has always been “leading by example”

Recently Paul went on a solo retreat where he camped alone in the jungle with minimal resources and no electronics. He meditated for long periods each day and just let all the speed of modern life slip away so that he was comfortable just being. During that time one has space to think about what you have been doing. Since Paul is running Earth Connection Center, thoughts of “what am I trying to do here” kept coming up. The answer again and again was resilience, protection and stewardship. That is what he is here to do and what they are trying to share with their students.

Why am I doing this? As a child my grandfather and father would take me out into the woods to do landscape painting. During these times I developed a deep connection with the natural world. They would oil paint and I would paint my masterpiece for a few minutes and then go explore the woods. We would be there for hours and I would just go off and watch the ants, play in the creeks, smell the flowers, the soil and the pine needles under my feet. To me it was visceral and sensual, the feeling of the textures of the soil, the roughness of the bark. My grandfather would tell me how to paint and how to see the world, to look at the details, the curve of a branch and the colours. To see things as they are.

My grandfather and father painted with oils like the great landscape painters in the group of seven. I paint landscapes and my colours are the trees and wildflowers. They are more expressive like a Pollock painting with its random yet precise raw beauty allowing for the “paints” to have a life of their own and flow where they need to go. It’s the reason that for my native plant business in Canada I named the website ecologyart. There is head knowledge of the ecology and the needs of the plants and then there is beyond that, a subtler knowing that takes it to an art.

No one talks about the energy of the land. The subtle way all of nature “talks” to you, that sense of knowing what a plant needs and where it will grow best. It’s not words that speak but a subtle sense that you feel. You have to go beyond words and just be with the world. I’ve only found one other person who understood what I was saying when I told him my plants talk to me. Jan called it drala, the life force in all living creatures and he created a beautiful garden of vegetables and flowers at a retreat center in the green mountains of Vermont.

As a youth I spent much of my time outside. I remember that my father let me use a pile of old boards. I would use those boards again and again building forts of many shapes. I would make one and play in it and then have another idea and take it down and build another one. I learned a lot about carpentry doing that, how to hammer and not hit your thumb, how to reuse nails again and again, what makes a strong structure. It was an experimentation, curiosity and innovation playground.

These are some of the things that we want to offer at the center to people, young and old.

When I was 27 years old, right after doing my masters degree, I bought a farm and started growing native plants to restore habitat. I had studied biology in university and my thesis had me looking at a community of rare plants and how disturbance allowed them to exist in a narrow band along the shores of some lakes in Nova Scotia. Ice scour killed off shoreline shrubs and opening up a space for the rare plants to grow. I could also see that human disturbance differed from natural disturbance in that it occurred during the growing season and killed the rare plants.

Likewise, for my honours thesis for my undergraduate degree I studied how the city of Waterloo affected the biodiversity of aquatic insects in Laurel Creek that flowed through the city. Before the city there was high biodiversity of species and as the stream flowed through the city the biodiversity was heavily impacted, going down to mostly blood worms that can survive in toxic, low oxygen conditions, and as it flowed out of the city it took kilometers for the diversity to slowly recover, never fully recovering. With every rain, all of the things we put in our gardens, on roads and lawns end up in our waterways.

I worked for an environmental consulting firm right after my masters was completed. They had me researching native plants and their propagation techniques. At the time there were no growers of native plants in Ontario and I thought, “I can do that!” I had grown many native wetland plants as part of my thesis so that is where I started. I quickly became the biggest suppler of wetland plants and then when that wasn’t a challenge anymore I moved on to growing trees and shrubs and then Tallgrass prairie species and then woodland ephemerals. I could grow the plants and restore any habitat in Ontario. My overriding goal was always to restore as much habitat as I could.

It was obvious to me from the start that we were destroying the biodiversity of the planet. So much so that as I was finishing my masters thesis and my son was about to be born, I wrote the dedication in my thesis, “To this great world of ours, may our children forgive us for our inaction.” I could see that by the time my children grew up that many species would be extinct. I realized that all the lions, tigers and elephants that fired the imagination in my youth could be gone in my lifetime. My dedication in my thesis became the dedication of my life.

I was asked why I do this? I do it for love. Love of all species on this planet. Love of life in its infinite potential. I offer hope. Hope that we will live in a more balanced way with the planet. We can do it. When we move past fear we will see the way. And I am offering that hope by demonstrating that we are able to do things differently. As we learn together we share everything.

I am a protector of biodiversity, a steward of the land. I stand for those that have no voice. I not only think like the mountain, I am the mountain. There is no separation. What we do to ourselves affects all creatures.
$9 of $600 per month
For every $600 we will be able fund two students in our international intern program. We are currently charging them $10 per day to cover food, accommodation, transportation, and other expenses. When this goal is reached we will be able to offer 2 students scholarships. Working, learning and researching as part of the team at the center. They will be able to go out into the world and teach a raindrop in water sending ripples out into the world. The more generous the more students we can offer this to!

The $600 also covers Paul and Sophia's basic living costs and allows them to mentor students and do more ecological restoration!
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