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About Paul Point

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NAME: My name is Paul Point, I'm a writer and independent filmmaker based in London. Over the last 10 years my work has spanned: design, music, film making, events, chocolate and poetry - I am also the founder and artistic director of The Chocolate Poetry Club.

MISSION: Art is valuable and I spend a lot of my time creating, facilitating and nurturing the arts community. My work centres on healthy words and healthy foods; using this space to expand the narrative of the story that shapes our world, which I call: ReStorying. You might find my work online but right here on Patreon is where you'll find all of my latest projects and works in progress, sound good? OK... 

TOGETHER: Here we begin the next chapter of this very exciting creative journey, and if you want to you can take part! Your support in any shape or size is immensely appreciated, and would directly enable me to focus more on my writing and creating - AND you can even choose your own reward from the rewards list over there, that way ►►►

Again, THANK YOU for helping me to become a BETTER writer!

Photo: Creative Planets (c) 2016 / at The Chocolate Poetry Club.
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This will include poetry, stories, films, updates, exclusive content AND more interaction with you all, right here!
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