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About Paul Priestley

Hello, my name is Paul Priestley and I create ‘How to Draw and Paint' and 'Art History' videos on YouTube. In the past, I've been an art teacher, run my own art courses for adults and even re-enacted the lives of great artists for children. For the last few years I’ve been creating art videos. My aim is to help people to draw and paint, learn about great artists and art in general. YouTube is a great vehicle for doing this. 

Why support me?
I work full time creating my videos and with your support, I can continually strive to improve the quality of my videos by upgrading the software, sound  and video equipment required for producing them. In return, you could get cool rewards such as a personal critique of your art work, your name displayed as a sponsor on the video description and access to exclusive behind the scenes action (dependent on your pledge amount, tier descriptions are in the right-hand column).

Lets work together
You can feel proud that by joining our select group, you are indirectly helping the art education of lots of people around the world. Many, probably, may not have access to the art education, I was lucky enough to enjoy here in England. Together, let’s help people become the artists they want to be, to learn about art, feel confident in what they do, and be proud of the fact that no one in the world draws and paints like they do. Hopefully, my art videos can make a small contribution towards the achievement of their goals.

So, if you want to help me by becoming one of my patrons, it will be very much appreciated. Any contribution will be greatly valued and please be aware, you can cancel at anytime should you so wish.

Thank you for your time. Paul
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