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Paul Mauser Archive.

The Paul Mauser and pre WW-II Mauser Company archives individually embody great assets that support several areas of study and research. The Mauser Archive offers uniquely personal documents and data that (together with access to the most important public and private firearms collections) is the reference for this study and research.

For a long time, it was assumed that the entire archival heritage of the Mauser Company and its founders was lost as a result of the partial destruction of the Mauser plant facilities at the end of WW-II and during the subsequent French occupation. This is only partially true. After WW-II, several Mauser historians and enthusiasts started reassembling this unique evidence of Mauser's heritage.

This archive material is now shared between different institutions and collections, among which the Paul Mauser Archive is certainly one of the most active in the preservation of this material and in its study and publication.

Mauro Baudino, firearms historian and curator of this Archive, is the co-author of two books that are considered a reference in the panorama of publications on Mauser: "Paul Mauser - His Life, Company, and Handgun Development 1838 - 1914" published in 2017 and "The Parabellum Is Back! 1945 - 2000" published in 2010. Not to mention a large number of articles published in the USA, Italy, France, Germany and Belgium.

The Paul Mauser Archive is fully engaged in the preservation and publication of this unique material. A digitization project was started. A repository containing the digitized material has been created and this allows worldwide virtual access to historical documents for researchers and collectors.

The Paul Mauser Archive regularly publishes new studies and researches concerning the development and production of the firearms produced by Mauser in the various historical periods, from 1871 and 1946 and then successively from the 1970's with the reintroduction of the Parabellum and Hsc.

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Mauro Baudino
Firearm Historian and Author
Mauser Company Expert
Member of International Council on Archives
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