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About Pavocado

Hi all! I'm Pavocado, sometimes known as Pavo, otherwise known as Matt.

I'm the creator of a couple of Minecraft mods. Mainly the Exotic Birds Mod and the Zoocraft Discoveries Mod featured in my ZooCrafting series!

Coding has always been my passion since I've been small and I've been making mods for the past few years. I started off teaching myself to make a small personal projects and have gradually learned to code mods that act as wonderful additions to the Minecraft world.

When I'm not modding, I'm being creative in other ways either by recording YouTube videos, or designing videogames. Hopefully some of which you've already enjoyed!

Hopefully you've found something that you've enjoyed and I would appreciate it if you gave anything back in return <3

You can find me on YouTube here:
You can play some of my games here:

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