Scott Lowther is creating Pax Orionis, the Alternate History of the Orion Program

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Pledge $1 or more per Piece of the story
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One dollar per release gets you - as you might expect - the latest piece of Pax Orionis fiction in PDF and EPUB formats.
Pledge $2 or more per Piece of the story
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Two dollars per release gets you not only the latest piece of the story but also a Technical Data Sheet... a diagram of some piece of technology (a spacecraft, a weapons system, a launch vehicle, a military aircraft, etc.) relevant to the world of Pax Orionis.
Pledge $3 or more per Piece of the story
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Right now I've not nailed down any rewards beyond the $2 level. However, if there is enough interest, I'll certainly consider adding more rewards. One option would be second or third diagrams. Another would be larger format versions of the basic diagram. Or something. Suggestions?